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 5 things to consider when designing your backyard

Over the last 18 months, most of us have spent more time at home than we ever usually would and this has spurred people into home renovation frenzies and backyard makeovers. And we love to see it!

As experts in all things outdoor enjoyment and relaxation, the team here at Backyard Discovery have thought about the steps to take when planning and designing your dream backyard — ultimately creating your own Backyardland, which is pretty much whatever you want your backyard to be!

A meditative retreat? Of course, namaste. A place for kids to have fun? Youbetcha. A mullet to your house where you present properness in the front to your neighbors and have parties in the back? Hold my beer. Point is, backyards are blank canvases for creativity, where you can create your own little world suited to whatever you want to do.

But hold on a sec...rather than rush to the home supplies store without a plan, it’s best to consider what you’re working with and go from there. Only that way can you truly rediscover your backyard.


Top 5 things to consider when designing your very own Backyardland 

We’ve managed to get our list of top tips down to five absolute essentials when it comes to designing your backyard, which you can explore below: 

1. Decide on areas for your backyard 

Depending on your outdoor space and your own personal style, you must first decide what exactly it is you want to get out of your backyard, and how that translates to individual areas or “zones”. For example, popular areas in backyards include:

  • Grilling & eating area for your BBQ and dining set
  • Sunbathing area near the pool 
  • A covered chill-out area for shade during the day & shelter for the evenings
  • Planters & beds for added color or growing your own vegetables  
  • A safe, soft area for your kids’ playset 

Ultimately, the zones you want in your backyard will depend on any activities you and/or your family like to do, and how often you entertain or hold parties.  

2. Make sure your yard is level

While many backyards feature perfectly flat, manicured lawns, yours might have an incline or even the odd lump and bump that could threaten to throw your whole plan out, or mean that the luxury gazebo you really want won’t sit level. 

As part of this process, you might have to get a landscaper in to advise you on any areas you need to smooth out before you can give your outdoor space a full makeover. If it only requires a small amount of levelling, you might even prefer to take this on yourself. 

3. Sketch out your backyard design  

Once you know which zones you want to create and you have the right levels to work from, you can sketch out where you want things to go. You don’t need to be an artist by any stretch, but having a rough idea down on paper will help you make better decisions and avoid spending money on things you don’t need, or that won’t work with your vision. 

4. Ensure absolute comfort with high-quality outdoor furniture 

Nobody wants to greet their guests on cheap fold-out chairs or makeshift shade canopies; instead you should do your backyard (and home!) justice by investing in good quality patio products — or even a show-stopping cabana pergola. By choosing premium outdoor furniture, you’ll be ensuring years of usage and selecting something that is guaranteed to impress the guests. 

On a similar note, purchasing affordable yet carefully constructed children’s swing sets or playhouses will give them something to love getting outside for, and no doubt give the grown-ups some peace! Always ensure that you purchase your playset from a reputable manufacturer that uses high-quality materials. 

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5. Plant to your advantage  

Another great way to create different areas and add privacy is by using clever planting. In spaces where you need shade and privacy, you could opt for shrub species that grow fairly thick and dark without needing any technical maintenance. 

Planting is also a great way to incorporate color into your backyard without having to paint anything (and therefore maintain that paint). Opt for stunning acer trees and evergreens for year-round beauty and low maintenance. 


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