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Choosing The Right Carport: Does It Fit?

Selecting the right carport is more than just a purchase — it's an investment in protecting your vehicles and outdoor gear. Whether you're housing a hefty work van, a truck decked out with accessories, or you're an outdoor enthusiast with a plethora of gear, understanding the nuances of carport dimensions and options is important. Let's look at the details of what you should consider to make sure you’re able to find the carport that will fit your needs.


Vehicle Size and Accessories 

Standard carports are designed to shelter average-sized cars, trucks, or vans. However, vehicles equipped with additional features like ladders, racks, or tents can make finding the right carport trickier.

If your vehicle is stock, trust the specs available on the manufacturer’s website and then compare the height and width to the specs of the carport you’re considering. Or, you can rely on tools like those at that allow you to pick your vehicle to see if it will fit. 

If your vehicle has custom accessories, lifts, or other features, you’re going to have to measure it yourself. The key is never to leave it to guesswork. To guarantee a comfortable fit for your vehicle, ensure that every inch of width, height, and length is accounted for.

20x20 kingsport carport


Corbel Considerations

The aesthetic appeal of the structural corbels on a gazebo or carport is undeniable, but their presence requires careful consideration. If your vehicle has attachments or features that extend beyond the normal width or height, gauge how that might come into contact with the corbels on the carport to prevent any unwanted encounters.


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Stability and Wind Resistance

To ensure stability and resistance to wind, it’s recommended to place your carport on a paved surface. This provides a more level surface, prevents moisture from the ground from seeping into the wood, and allows for proper anchoring so that your carport stays put in strong winds. 


Accommodating Larger Vehicles 

If your plan includes sheltering a larger vehicle, understanding the importance of increased width and height is crucial. The dimensions of your carport should not only accommodate the size of your vehicle but also provide enough room for ease of access and additional clearance. 


Utility Port vs Carport 

Sometimes, the purpose of a carport extends beyond sheltering vehicles — it becomes a utility port. Whether you're looking to protect a trailer with a 4-wheeler, a side-by-side, or a small camper, it's not just about fitting these items underneath. It's about ensuring there's ample space for movement, accessibility, and even storage of additional items. Measure your utility items and compare them with the specs provided on the product pages to choose a carport that serves multipurpose utility.

20x12 Kingsport Carport



Longevity and Maintenance

Investing in a carport also means considering its longevity and maintenance needs. Opt for materials that promise durability and are resistant to weather elements. Regular maintenance, such as checking for rust, ensuring bolts and screws are tight, and cleaning the roof to prevent debris accumulation will prolong the life of your carport so that it remains a reliable shelter for years to come.

A well-fitting carport stands as a testament to your foresight, providing great-looking protection against the elements and ensuring that your investments remain secure, come rain or shine. Backyard Discovery’s line of carports offers a range of sizes in both metal and wood. They arrive in ready-to-assemble kits, and they’re PRO-TECT™ Tested and Proven to withstand up to 100 mph winds and hold up to 50 lbs. of snow per square foot. Plus, they’ve made it easy to check if your vehicle will fit with an online tool that lets you select your vehicle or plug in customized dimensions.

See if a Backyard Discovery carport is the right fit for you today.


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