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How Swing Sets Have Evolved: The best outdoor swing sets throughout history

There is plenty of historical evidence to show that outdoor swing sets have been around for a long time. Historians have found artifacts that contend that swing sets date back as far as 1450 BC in Ancient Greece. Early swing sets were rudimentary and involved wood and rope. This is an image of the descent of the goddess, known from scences on gold rings. Agia Triada, 1500-1450 BC. European paintings in the 1700s often depicted women sitting on outdoor swing sets. The best thing about outdoor swing sets was their whimsical, playful nature, which was often romantically depicted in paintings...

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Learning From the Playground: How your kids playset can teach valuable life lessons

Don’t tell your kids but they’re actually learning something when they spend their time with their friends on the kids playset. The playground is a microcosm of the adult world, where children interact, communicate, and socialize in ways that continue throughout adulthood. On the playground, kids interact without the watchful gaze of a parent or teacher. And they learn to self-regulate. They take turns. They share. They play games with rules, and every once in awhile, they win! These moments have valuable impact that can influence them into adulthood. Most adults who are used to speaking in front of a...

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Why Backyard Swings Are Still Relevant in the Age of the Internet

We live in the digital age of the internet. Everyone’s got a phone, a tablet, or a computer to occupy themselves, especially kids. While it may be easy and convenient to park the children in front of a television or computer screen, it’s important that they get outside and play. A backyard swing is a great way for them to have some good old-fashioned outdoor fun. There are many benefits of playing on swing sets and here are a few reasons why back yard swings are still relevant, especially in the digital age.   A backyard swing gives kids a...

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