What Is An Argentine Grill?

Have you dreamed of Gaucho-style cooking, or whipping up the perfect asado meal? Or maybe you’re looking to change up the pace from your typical American grill? If you’ve had your eye on an Argentine grill but need some more information, we’re here to help!

With an Argentine grill, you can bring the rich heritage of open-fire cooking to your backyard with a culinary masterpiece meticulously crafted for the discerning grillmaster.

An Argentine grill delivers pristine flavor for meat with an open flame that takes cooking back to its roots. Here are a few things to know about the grill:


Traditional Open Flame For That Smoky Finish

An Argentine grill is an open-flame grill that uses a combination of firewood and coal, bringing back the tradition of cooking over an open fire. While most American grills use gas, the Argentine grill allows your meat to retain that smoky flavor.

Some Argentine grills come with a brasero, though for many it’s an add-on. A brasero is a fire box attached to your grill that provides a separate area to light your charcoal and wood and allow it to be burned until they become the proper size embers and drop down to your hearth floor. This helps ensure the fire is always controlled with the perfect-sized embers.


Santa Maria Precision With Adjustable Grate Height

A unique feature of an Argentine grill is its ability to adjust the height of your grilling surface. Most have a crank that allows you to adjust the grate by up to a couple of feet, giving you precision control over your cooking time and temperature.

The wood and coal combination, alongside the grate control, ensure your meat is cooked perfectly for maximum flavor.

backyard discovery argentine grill


Steel Provides Heat Retention and Durability

Most Argentine grills are made with stainless steel, which is a great material for both heat retention and durability.

From the ease of burning wood and coal in the brasero to the importance of retaining heat with the grate frame, stainless steel helps ensure you aren’t wasting those flames. 

Steel also enhances the longevity of the grill. A grill made with steel will last because it’s stronger and more durable than other materials, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy outdoor cooking for years to come.


Assorted Features Add To The Experience

Argentine grills will vary depending on where you purchase, but be on the lookout for a few enhanced features that may set one apart from the others:

  • S-hooks for meat: In addition to searing your meat with that Santa Maria precision on the grate, you can opt to hang it from hooks that float over your flame. Slow-cook your favorite meat or put the finishing touches on it as you immerse yourself in the versatility of gaucho-style cooking.

  • Side table: It may seem simple or unnecessary, but a built-in side table is a game-changer. As you prepare the meal, having a place to set stuff aside or bring meat on deck is essential.

  • Coal shovel: Another simple yet useful accessory is a shovel. This allows you to manage the burning embers, spread embers to the coolest parts of the grill, and manage your fire with confidence.


Turn Up The Heat With An Argentine Grill From Backyard Discovery

If you liked what you read and saw above, Backyard Discovery has an Argentine Grill that could be perfect for you.

From the traditional Gaucho techniques to Santa Maria precision, the grill is engineered for excellence. It features a stainless steel brasero, heavy-duty powder-coated steel, fire bricks, ceramic fire blanket insulation, an acacia wood side table with handles, and S-hooks for hanging meat. All included and backed by an industry-leading five year limited warranty.

Elevate your BBQ experience with a grill where tradition, precision, and craftsmanship converge to create succulent meats and spectacular meals. Get the Argentine Grill from Backyard Discovery today!


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