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About Us

We believe there are a lifetime of wonderful memories to be made, right in your own backyard. We offer the most exciting options for customized swing sets, with the intention of bringing families closer together in a fun and inspiring setting. We aspire to transport families back to a pre-high-tech era, when playtime required fresh air, friends, exercise and imaginations. We are everyday parents just like you and we are also craftsmen with a long legacy of building great products to millions of customers. We strive to take kids outside (just like we were) where they can flex both their muscles and their minds.

Kids love our quality wooden swing sets and adults love our prices that fit into any budget. Our products inspire active outdoor play that help children build muscles, strength, coordination, communication skills and imaginations. Almost every set includes slides, swings, monkey bars, rock walls, and more to encourage children to play outside. Our playsets feature hundreds of different configuration possibilities, a wide range of accessories, and truly unique safety features not found on any other playset.

We have been manufacturing playsets for over 30 years and are part of the largest swing set company in the United States and in the world. We pride ourselves in working with best-in-class dealers conveniently located in your area to assist you with the customization, purchase, delivery and installation details of your ideal swing set. Our corporate offices are in Pittsburg, KS and we distribute our products worldwide through our exclusive network of dealer stores.