Who we are

About Us

We believe there are a lifetime of wonderful memories just steps away from you... in your backyard. We offer backyard products from swing sets to patio furniture to basketball hoops all with the intention of bringing your family together in a fun and inspiring setting. Backyard Discovery takes pride in being the largest residential swing set manufacturer in the USA. This is because we want children and parents to LOVE to play outside.

We offer quality wooden swing sets that kids love at prices that fit into any budget. We inspire imaginative outdoor play that helps children build muscle, strength and coordination. Our sets include slides, swings, monkey bars, rock walls and more to get children playing outside.

Our goal is to take families back to a better day, when playtime still involved fresh air, friendship, exercise and imagination. Our playsets feature hundreds of different configuration possibilities, a wide range of accessories, and truly unique safety features not found on any other playset.

We are everyday parents just like you. But we also believe that we are craftsmen with a long legacy of building great products that have been delivered to millions of customers. We help kids to get outside (just like we did) and away from tech, so they flex their muscles and their minds.

Our History

Backyard Discovery is a division of Backyard Leisure Holdings, based in Pittsburg, KS. We manufacture wood swing sets, playhouses, patio products, and sheds under many brands including:

- Backyard Discovery™

- Backyard Odyssey™

- Backyard Adventures™

- Go Configure™

- Sheds USA™

We began in 1968 as Politron, Inc. based in Pittsburg, KS. At that stage we manufactured metal and plastic products for agriculture including livestock gates, watering and feeding products.

Since then the company has diversified and eventually changed its focus to quality wooden backyard products. We became Leisure Time Products.

In 2007 we merged with Backyard Adventures, and became Backyard Leisure Holdings.

We now sell more playsets than any other manufacturer in the country. Our full-featured sets range in price from $299 to over $20,000, yet each one offers a full range of play stations including swings, slides, and climbing walls plus much, much more! All our sets are designed with the utmost safety in mind, allowing you and your child to get years of enjoyment out of the playset with the confidence they're getting plenty of exercise, fresh air, and developing their imagination!

Take a vacation in your backyard! Get the kids outside and off the video games, and spend some quality time together. Enjoy!