Gazebo FAQ

What is the difference between a gazebo and a pergola?

A pergolas and a gazebo are both charming outdoor structures, but they serve different purposes. A pergola typically features an open-roof design with slatted beams and provides partial shade, making it perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces with a touch of elegance while allowing sunlight to filter through. On the other hand, a gazebo boasts a complete roof and often has enclosed sides, offering more protection from the elements. Gazebos create cozy outdoor spaces for relaxation, dining, and entertaining while providing full coverage from sun, rain, and wind. Both structures add beauty and functionality to your outdoor area, and the choice between them depends on your preferences for shade, openness, and protection.

How long does it take to assemble a gazebo?

The assembly time for our gazebos can vary based on the model, the number of people working on it and their skill set. Our products come ready-to-assemble with everything precut and predrilled which makes assembly simple if you closely follow the directions and organize well up front. Every product is supported by BILT, an app that delivers 3D interactive instructions. The use of standard tools, up front organization of all the parts, and careful attention to each step will contribute to a smoother and quicker assembly experience. Last, we have consumer service technicians that are skilled at diagnosing and remediating any issues that are just a call away at 800-856-4445.

How do you anchor a gazebo?

Correctly anchoring a gazebo is an important part of the wind and snow ratings. Backyard Discovery gives step by step instructions on how to anchor the gazebo in our detailed instruction manual as well as how to pour footers, if needed, for your selected gazebo.

If you're considering anchoring to a deck, it's crucial to have an expert evaluate the structural integrity of the deck to ensure it can support the weight and stability requirements.

What size gazebo do you need?

The size of gazebo you need will depend on two things 1) your particular space 2) what you are using it for. To identify the best gazebo to fit your space we suggest you either use our augmented reality app (found on our product pages) that places the gazebo in your setting or use the dimension diagrams on the product page and lay out cones/flags where the legs would be to visualize in your space. This will ensure you purchase the appropriate gazebo for the space you have.

It is also important to consider the intended usage and the number of people you plan to have under the gazebo. For more personalized guidance on choosing the right gazebo size for your needs, you can explore the available options and consult with Backyard Discovery experts by calling our consumer service number at 800-856-4445.

How long do metal gazebos last?

To ensure your metal gazebo maintains its longevity, we’ve used galvanized steel that is maintenance-free and rust/corrosion resistant in addition to having powder coat on all outward facing surfaces. That means you don’t need to re-stain or reseal them at any point, no matter where, when, or how often you use them. Our metal gazebos are intended to be permeant structures that will easily last decades.

What is the difference between a carport and a garage?

The key differences between a carport and a garage lie in their structure, enclosure, and cost. A carport is an outdoor vehicle shelter with a roof supported by four-six pillars, often sharing up to two walls with the home. It provides overhead protection for vehicles while remaining open on multiple sides. In contrast, a garage is an enclosed space with solid walls, a roof, and doors. Essentially, carports are a cost effective way to offer roofed shelter, while garages provide full enclosure and security for vehicles and storage but are much more expensive and require a contractor.

Can you grill under a gazebo?

Yes - gazebos and more specifically grill gazebos are both a great way to add stylish and functional protection for grills and grilling. They offer both protection from the elements and aesthetic enhancement to your patio or deck. We do recommend that you keep open flames and heat sources a minimum of 36 inches from wood surfaces. Check out the Backyard Discovery's gazebo and grill gazebo collection to find the perfect fit for your grilling needs and elevate your outdoor cooking experience.

Can Backyard Discovery gazebos withstand wind and snow?

Yes, Backyard Discovery gazebos are designed and tested to withstand various weather conditions, including wind and snow. These gazebos are PRO-TECT™ tested and proven, meaning they are built and tested to withstand the elements, including holding thousands of pounds of snow load on the roof and standing strong in winds of up to 100 mph if anchored properly. With the PRO-TECT™ testing and proof, you can have confidence that your Backyard Discovery gazebo will provide a durable and reliable outdoor structure all year long.

Do you have other colors for the roof?

Given the nature of Backyard Discovery's ready to assembly product and the corresponding packaging we are not able to offer other color options for the roof. While we understand the limited options are not perfect we do note that each product is meticulously designed with a specific roof color that complements the gazebo's overall aesthetic as much as possible.

Can the gazebo support a ceiling fan and/or a TV?

Certainly! We have engineered the structure to handle substantial loads, up to 50 lbs/square foot. Incorporating a ceiling fan should not compromise the gazebo's stability. However, it's important to note that attaching hardware directly to the roof might lead to rain penetration. For a secure option, we recommend affixing ceiling fan support brackets to the rafter boards and/or ridge boards, preventing the need to create holes in the roofing material. This ensures both the safety and longevity of your gazebo.

Does a gazebo increase the value of my home?

The answer is it depends on the gazebo. Permanent gazebos like those designed by Backyard Discovery that extend living space and enhance curb appeal can contribute to the overall value of your home while a temporary or pop up structure made of lower quality and flimsy metal will have no impact.

Where is Backyard Discovery consumer service based?

Backyard Discovery consumer service is based centrally in the US in Pittsburg, KS. We are available 7 days a week and can be reached out to with any questions or issues. We pride ourselves in ensuring everyone has a great experience with our products both pre and post purchase so please never hesitate to reach out. We can be contacted at 800-856-4445.

Where are Backyard Discovery products made?

Backyard Discovery products and designed and engineered in Pittsburg, KS at our corporate headquarters. Our products are manufactured to our specification by 3rd party manufacturers located throughout Asia with the process overseen by our onsite quality team.

What is the warranty on your gazebos?

We offer a 5 year limited warranty on all products we sell. If you have any issues our consumer service group is only a call away to remediate. We take pride in our consumer service group and live by the motto of taking care of the consumer.

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