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What Size Gazebo Do I Need?

Even in a small backyard, a gazebo brings you a stunning ornamental feature, a tranquil personal haven, or the perfect space for a get-together, cookout, or celebration. And for those preparing to sell their home, a gazebo can even add value to your property.

But figuring out the right size gazebo for your backyard can be tough. So we’ve prepared a few questions and some examples of typical uses to help you make the right decision for you.


How to Choose the Right Size Gazebo for Your Backyard

1) How much outdoor space do you have?

Erecting a large gazebo in a small backyard can make your structure feel imposing. And putting up a small gazebo in a large backyard can make it seem out of place. That’s why it’s important to find the right balance between your gazebo measurements and your outside space.

Start by measuring your backyard – including your garden, patio, and other areas – to establish how much space you have to work with. Then, factor in features like flowerbeds, fire pits, pools, and hot tubs to see what’s left.

In a fairly sparse backyard with just a bit of greenery, your gazebo can become your main feature. If you have plenty of other elements to work around, consider what size and style of gazebo might complement them.

2) What will you use your gazebo for?

If your gazebo is for personal use, or you’re getting a gazebo for a small backyard, you can pick a small or midsize option. That gives you enough space for a couple of comfortable chairs, a table, lights, and other furniture. Limiting your gazebo measurements also lets you save money and spend less time on maintenance.

If you plan to host, ask yourself whether you’re going to invite a few friends and family or hold large gatherings or parties. Some gazebos are better suited for around four to six people, while others can fit plenty more both seated and standing.

For housing a boat or car, you need a larger gazebo that will completely cover your valuables. That means splashing out for something a bit bigger.

No matter how you plan to use your gazebo, it’s also a good idea to choose one with built-in electrical ports. These allow you to charge or use mobile devices, lights, speakers, and other equipment without running cable from your house or constantly heading inside.

3) What’s your budget?

It goes without saying the larger gazebos are more expensive, while smaller options cost less. Your budget may guide you in a specific direction when it comes to the size of the gazebo. Fortunately, you can select any size gazebo without sacrificing on the quality.

Every Backyard Discovery gazebo, regardless of size, offers electrical ports, powder coating for element endurance, 100% cedar or steel metal frames, and heat-reducing roof technology. This means you never have to compromise on your dream gazebo.

Choosing the Right Size Gazebo for Your Needs

Once you have a good idea of your available space and how you plan to use your gazebo, it’s time to narrow down your options. Here are just a few common uses for a gazebo in a large or small backyard, with our recommendations on the best gazebo measurements.

For personal or family use

A gazebo of 80-120 sq ft is the perfect size for a backyard getaway. Add in an extra couple of chairs, and you can enjoy your outdoor space with your family and friends. These gazebos are a good choice for a small backyard and easily accommodate up to four people.

Our recommendations:

12x9.5 Stonebridge Gazebo

For small gatherings

When you’re looking to fit four to six people, a gazebo that’s 120-180 sq ft in size will accommodate you well. This gives you plenty of space for seating, a table, and other entertainment equipment so you can host a day or night to remember.

Our recommendations:

12x10 arlingon gazebo

For large gatherings

If you’re planning to have more than six people in your backyard gazebo, you’ll want a minimum of 180 sq ft. That will allow you to seat at least nine people with a standing capacity of at least 15, including your furniture and gadgets.

Our recommendations:

16x12 norwood gazebo

For grills and drinks

One of the best things about having a backyard is inviting your friends and family over for good food and relaxing drinks. Grill gazebos easily hold a grill up to 70” in length and come with built-in counters for serving and preparation. Some even include an outdoor bar for mixing and handing out refreshing beverages.

If you’re in the market for a grill gazebo, make sure you pick one that includes electrical outlets and USB ports. This lets you use blenders, meat slicers, and other appliances, turning your patio or deck into a fully kitted out cooking station.

Our recommendations:

saxony xl

For your vehicle

Sometimes, the vehicle you treasure needs some extra TLC. That’s why many people buy larger multi-functional gazebos that double as a carport. These carport gazebos shield your car, trailer, or boat from the elements when you don’t have a garage, keeping your vehicle in great condition.

Our recommendations:

20x12 norwood gazebo

Your Dream Gazebo Awaits at Backyard Discovery

So you’ve figured out how you’ll use your gazebo and have your ideal measurements in mind. The only thing left to do is find a gazebo retailer that you can rely on for steadfast durability, superior quality, and all your comforts.

From our 10x10s to our 20x12s, every gazebo from Backyard Discovery is engineered using the best methods and materials. Our fully weatherproof designs give you powerful protection against snow, wind, and heat, and use 100% cedar wood or galvanized steel that resists decay. And to give you total peace of mind, they even come with an industry-leading five-year warranty and supported assembly options to make setting up your new gazebo a breeze.

Check out our range of hip roof, peak roof, slope roof, and grill gazebos now to pick out the perfect addition to your backyard.


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