What Is The Best Material For A Greenhouse?

If you’ve been looking to elevate your gardening and extend your growing season, perhaps you’ve considered a greenhouse for your outdoor space. Greenhouses are wonderful enclosures for your garden that provide the ideal environment for you to take gardening to the next level.

Although you may know you want a greenhouse, finding the right material can be tricky. As with most things, there are a lot of options out there, and it can feel overwhelming.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. When it comes to the best materials for a modern greenhouse, you’ll want something sturdy, wind-resistant, and well-insulated. We’ve got you covered:


For The Structure, Consider Cedar

The most important part of your greenhouse is the structure. For that, you’ll want a material that is durable, long-lasting, and stylish. Here are a few reasons why cedar is the optimal choice:

  • Strength. Cedar is among the strongest woods, and its strength allows it to hold up in the harshest of conditions. This includes heavy winds during storm season.

  • Durability. When you think of wood, you may think about rot and mildew. Not with cedar. Cedar is naturally rot-resistant, allowing it to last season after season despite the rain and snow.

  • Style. Nothing beats the traditional look of a wooden greenhouse. Not only does this look rustic and stylish, but it blends well with its natural outdoor surroundings.


For The Walls and Roof, Opt For Commercial-Grade Polycarbonate

With the structure in place, it’s time to consider the material for your window and roof panels. You’ll want something that allows plenty of sunlight in for your plants and flowers, but something that’s also strong and helps extend your growing season. Commercial-grade polycarbonate is the best choice here.

  • Sunlight. Commercial-grade polycarbonate panels allow sunlight to pour through, which is essential for your plants and flowers to grow.

  • Heat Retention. Commercial-grade polycarbonate panels improve heat retention by up to 30 percent more than standard double-wall polycarbonate. This makes your greenhouse ideal for year-round use and extends your growing season.

  • Strength. In addition to holding up against strong winds, the roof can hold more than 50 pounds per square foot, which is ideal for cold weather climates with lots of snow accumulation.


Live Out Your Gardening Dreams With A Backyard Discovery Greenhouse

If you’ve been in the market for a greenhouse and are ready to transform your gardening experience, consider one from Backyard Discovery.

Backyard Discovery’s line of greenhouses are all made of sturdy cedar and have windows made of commercial-grade polycarbonate. These greenhouses are PRO-TECT™ Tested & Proven to withstand up to 100 mph winds and up to 50 pounds of snow load per square foot. This superior strength is backed by an industry-leading Five Year Limited Warranty.

In addition to the materials, there are several other notable features that make these greenhouses a must-have. Each Backyard Discovery greenhouse comes equipped with a temperature-activated exhaust fan, allowing warm air to exit and cool air to flow in during the warm months to create ideal growing conditions. There is also an exterior/interior hose hookup in each for easy watering, and several greenhouses have foldable staging shelves that create flexibility while growing. Each of the greenhouses also comes with an exclusive PowerPort™. Best of all, these greenhouses come in ready-to-assemble kits with pre-drilled holes and easy-to-follow instructions.

With all of these features included, all that’s missing from a greenhouse is you! Explore Backyard Discovery’s greenhouse options today.


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