Benefits of an Argentine Grill

If you’re an outdoor cooking aficionado, chances are you’ve probably heard of an Argentine or a Santa Maria grill. Taking the art of barbecuing back to the traditional Gaucho days, this grill is a throwback to how meat used to be prepared: over an open-flame.

If you’re a fan of open flame cooking, it might be time to consider owning one of these unique grills. If you’re looking for more information on how this grill might be different from a traditional gas grill, or are wondering about the benefits of an Argentine style grill, we’ve got you covered.

Here are three key differences between the two, as well as the benefits each one provides:


The Heat Source: More Flavor

The most obvious difference you’ll find between an Argentine grill and a “normal” grill is the heat source. The grill you probably think of when you think about your standard patio, deck, or backyard grill often gets its heat source from gas. Whether it’s connected directly to a natural gas line from the house or using propane gas from a tank, you control the temperature by allowing more or less gas into the grilling chamber.

Conversely, an Argentine grill’s heat comes from burning coal or wood, creating an open fire. The more coal or wood you add to your fire, the longer it will burn. This open-flame style of cooking allows you to bring out the best flavor in your meats by adding the smoky element that Argentinian BBQ grilling cuisine is known for. 


kabobs on grill


The Brasero: More Control

When burning coal or wood, having the perfect embers are important for maintaining that traditional Gaucho-style grilling experience. Some have a brasero, which allows for precise control of your heat and embers.

So what is a brasero? It’s a separate firebox that houses your coal and wood. Acting as a chimney by allowing optimal airflow, the box allows you to burn charcoal and smoke wood until they become embers. The embers then fall below the grate, creating a consistent burn.


gaucho style grill


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The Adjustable Grates: More Precision

Unlike traditional gas grills, where grill grates are locked in place due to the positioning of the gas burners, Argentine grills have adjustable grill grates to give you more precision for your barbecue.

If you want to slow-cook your meat to the ideal temperature, simply raise the grate to move the meat farther from the flame. Or give your meat that perfect sear by inching it closer to the fire. Most Argentine grills support grill grate height adjustments of up to a few feet, giving you flexibility in how you prepare your creation.


adjustable grate


Check Out The New Argentine Grill From Backyard Discovery

If you’re sold on the benefits of an Argentine-style grill, consider one from Backyard Discovery.

Backyard Discovery’s Argentine/Santa Maria BBQ grill comes with a stainless steel brasero box attached. That’s not all. The grill grate can be raised or lowered up to 24 inches for ultimate precision, and it comes with a bevy of features. You’ll find s-hooks for hanging meat you want slow-cooked as well as an acacia wood side table, all surrounding 723 square inches of steel grate.

The grill also comes with fire bricks for optimal heat retention, a coal shovel, and a premium, weatherproof grill cover, and it’s all backed by an industry-leading 5 Year Limited Warranty.

If you want a BBQ experience where tradition, precision, and craftsmanship converge to create succulent meats and spectacular meals, check out Backyard Discovery’s Argentine grill today.


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