What Is A Louvered Pergola?

If you’re in the market for a pergola for your outdoor space and have come across something called a louvered pergola, you may be wondering what that is and how it differs from a regular pergola.

There are many advantages of having a louvered pergola. You get all the benefits of a regular pergola, plus several additional benefits, the two big ones being:

  • Shade
  • Water Protection

Here’s a breakdown of what a louvered pergola is and how it differs from a traditional one:


How Is A Louvered Pergola Different From A Traditional One?

To understand a louvered pergola, it helps to know what a traditional pergola is. Traditional pergolas are four or six-column open structures that have a partial roof created by interlocking beams that form a horizontal lattice. This open-air roof allows sunlight through, which is helpful if your pergola covers a garden, or if you want to relax or entertain under the warm rays.

A louvered pergola is similar with one key difference - the flexibility to create an open or fully closed roof. The roof on a louvered pergola consists of a series of louvers, or slats. The louvers move in unison, allowing you to open for ventilation or sunlight, or fully close for protection from sunlight or rain.


So What’s The Advantage of Closing The Louvers?

When the louvers of a louvered pergola are open, it functions much like a traditional pergola, allowing sunlight through the roof. This can serve as the centerpiece for a garden, the focal point for a fire pit, or the hub for entertaining. Enjoy the warmth of the sun!

If you’re looking to escape the sun on a hot day, a louvered pergola gives you that advantage. Close the louvers and you have a shady poolside or patio retreat, a place for al fresco dining in the summer, or simply a relaxing haven.

You have full control of the louvers, so you can always compromise and close them partially to angle the shade or sun the way you want to.


louvered pergola wand


Will Water Come Through The Closed Louvers If It Rains?

With the right louvered pergola, the answer is no! Depending on the design, fully closed louvers can create a watertight canopy, allowing you to enjoy your pergola even when it rains.

Not only is this convenient because you can be under your pergola despite the elements, but it also allows you to keep furniture and other items under it without the fear of them getting wet when it rains.

Another advantage of select louvered pergolas is that the rain doesn’t just sit on the roof and spill off. Some have an integrated gutter system that discreetly channels water down concealed downspouts in the leg posts. The downspouts protect the post interior from potential rust or corrosion. Plus, gutter guards at the top of each post prevent debris from getting into the downspout.


How Durable Are They?

Louvered pergolas can be very durable if you know what you’re looking for. Look for a louvered pergola with a frame made from galvanized steel, as it is stronger than aluminum or vinyl. The advantage of galvanized steel, especially if it is powder-coated, is that it’s virtually maintenance-free.

You’ll also want to make sure the pergola has been tested and proven to withstand strong winds. Some pergolas, even if anchored, can topple during extreme wind storms.


Okay, You Talked Me Into It. Where Do I Get One?

Backyard Discovery has a new Sarasota Louvered Pergola collection that could be perfect for what you need. Coming in three sizes ranging from 14’ x 10’ to 20’ x 10’, its 100 percent powder-coated, galvanized steel frame is virtually maintenance-free and is PRO-TECT™ Tested & Proven to withstand up to 100 mph winds.

The louvers close with just a few twists of the wand, and when fully closed it creates a watertight canopy with leak protection. In addition, its integrated drainage system seamlessly channels water through gutters and to downspouts in each leg post, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors rain or shine!

With the Sarasota Louvered pergola, you can embrace the sun or find your shaded peace. The power of choice is in your hands!


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