Customer Feature: Shelby Carr's Favorite Swing Set


A swing set can be a magical and transformative addition to playtime for a child. Swing sets elevate a kid’s imagination and take outdoor play to a whole new level.

Backyard Discovery has a wide variety of durable swing sets in various sizes and styles, fit for any age. These swing sets are long-lasting, ensuring the family can enjoy a good-looking play product fit for their children’s wildest adventures.

Mommy Blogger and social media influencer Shelby Carr recently added the new Whispering Point Swing Set to her backyard, and to say her kids love it is an understatement. But as you’ll see, Mom loves it too!


About The Whispering Point

The Whispering Point Swing Set, one of Backyard Discovery’s newest play offerings, is a child’s dream playground. With its striking gray and black design, the swing set elegantly houses a bevy of fun features. Kids can climb to the crow’s nest, peek out the bay windows, cook up adventures in the play kitchen, and cruise on the web swing. Complete features include:

  • ELEVATED PLAY: Large raised clubhouse featuring a wooden roof and bay windows
  • CROW’S NEST: The covered crow’s nest with telescope is the perfect lookout
  • HIGH-FLYING SWINGS: Two heavy-duty belt swings and a web swing provide swinging fun for up to 3 kids at once
  • 8-FOOT SLIDE: Zip down the 8-foot wave slide
  • CLIMBING WALL: Climbing wall with rope assist aides in development of balance and motor skills
  • ROCK WALL: Challenging rock wall for improving hand/eye coordination
  • IMAGINATION PLAY: Stove top with battery-powered blender, pot/pan set, sink and faucet
  • SAFETY FIRST: Easy entry, flat step ladders for safe climbing for the littles

It’s loaded with details to let kids’ imaginations, and your swing set style, reach new heights.


What Shelby Says

The swing set appears to be a home run in the Carr house. The bevy of fun features is a hit with the kids and their friends.

“From a complete play kitchen to a lookout fort, it’s packed with endless fun features that have our kids and their friends absolutely hooked!”

But it’s not just the features that catch her eye. The black and white cedar is a modern and stylish look that meshes well in any backyard.

“The best part? Its aesthetic seamlessly blends with our house exterior, making it a picture-perfect addition to our backyard oasis. Seriously, could the colors be any more amazing?”


What Her Kids Say

Don’t just take Shelby’s word for it. Her kids are in love with the swing set too.

“I love it!” her daughter exclaimed while perched in the crow’s nest.

Her son, upon reaching the clubhouse via the rock climbing wall, also admired the color.

“The black,” he answered when asked what his favorite thing about the new swing set was.

He later affirms that the telescope attached to the crow’s nest is also one of his favorite parts.


Join In On The Fun With A Swing Set From Backyard Discovery

If you’re inspired by the reaction Shelby and her kids had to their new swing set, then maybe it’s time to get one for your family. Backyard Discovery has swing sets in a variety of sizes and styles that are sure to spark your child’s imagination.

Built with durable, high-quality materials including rot-resistant cedar for all wood designs, these swing sets are built to last. All of the swing sets are certified to meet and exceed ASTM standards. They test performance for kids up to 12 years old, going above and beyond industry standards. All swing sets also come with an industry-leading five-year limited warranty.

Fill your yard with laughter, joy, and memories with a swing set from Backyard Discovery today!



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