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Swing Sets And Playsets

Home for the holidays: How much leisure time do kids really need?

During the busy holiday season, there is always lots of shopping, planning, and never stopping. But, with the time off from school and work, holiday vacations can be a great time for parents and children to enjoy some much needed leisure time. Leisure time is also crucial during the rest of the year, when kids’ schedules often keep them tied up minute by minute, day after day. It’s important for both kids and parents to understand the value of time off. Don’t overlook free time. Sometimes parents are guilty of creating overwhelmingly busy schedules for their kids, between school, sports,...

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Holiday Gifting: Reasons a playset makes a great gift

It’s that time of year, when stockings are hung, homes are decorated, and wish lists are written. The holidays are a great time for families to enjoy each others’ presence–and presents! If you’re not sure what to give the kids this year, you might want to consider an outdoor playset for a variety of reasons.A playset is gift for the mind and body. Instead of a video game that will keep kids planted on the couch inside, how about a gift that encourages them to get outside and breathe some fresh air. Healthy kids are happy kids, and giving them...

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How Swing Sets Have Evolved: The best outdoor swing sets throughout history

There is plenty of historical evidence to show that outdoor swing sets have been around for a long time. Historians have found artifacts that contend that swing sets date back as far as 1450 BC in Ancient Greece. Early swing sets were rudimentary and involved wood and rope. This is an image of the descent of the goddess, known from scences on gold rings. Agia Triada, 1500-1450 BC. European paintings in the 1700s often depicted women sitting on outdoor swing sets. The best thing about outdoor swing sets was their whimsical, playful nature, which was often romantically depicted in paintings...

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