Benefits Of Greenhouses: Are They Worth It?

With the right greenhouse, you can step into a world of flourishing possibilities and make all of your gardening dreams come to life. Finding one that caters to your passion, however, may feel like more of a chore than you bargained for.

If you’re having doubts about whether a greenhouse is worth it, consider your gardening goals and what’s stopping you from achieving them. A greenhouse provides ample space to accomplish anything you want to, and many come pre-built with all the necessary features.

Here are a few reasons why a greenhouse is definitely worth it:


1 - Extends Your Growing Season

One of the primary benefits of a greenhouse is that you can start your gardening earlier in the year and extend it well beyond what you’d be able to do outdoors.

Simply having a roof and windows allows for extra time to garden, but a greenhouse does more than just protect your plants. Greenhouses provide a more controllable environment by trapping the heat from the sun creating a warm, more stable environment allowing your plants, flowers and trees to prosper for longer than a typical outdoor growing season.


extend your growing season


2 - Forced Ventilation

Most greenhouses have windows that allow for passive ventilation. But the premier ones include a way to trigger ventilation when it gets too warm.

A temperature-activated exhaust fan is a great way to ensure the greenhouse doesn’t get too hot. When your greenhouse reaches a certain temperature, the fan activates, helping to push warm air out through the windows and drawing cool air in. Cycling fresh air into the greenhouse helps reduce humidity and creates ideal growing conditions.


3 - Exterior & Interior Hose Hookup

If you’ve gardened outdoors, you’re probably tired of dragging your hose around the yard to water your flowers, vegetables, and other plants. Finding a greenhouse with an easy hose hookup will solve those problems.

With a greenhouse that includes both an exterior and interior hose hookup, you can easily hook your hose up to the outside to water your plants and flowers on the inside. No more dragging the hose around the yard, and no having to leave it in the greenhouse. Watering is made simple, and that reason alone should make the greenhouse worth it.


4 - Thermal Efficiency 

We’ve already talked about the benefits of having a greenhouse when it comes to protecting your plants and flowers and extending your growing season. This is made possible in part due to a greenhouse that can retain some measure of heat. While greenhouse windows come in a variety of materials, some retain heat better than others.

Commercial-grade polycarbonate panels can help to retain up to 30 percent more heat than most greenhouses, allowing you to start your gardening season earlier and finish later. Depending on your climate, it’s possible that a greenhouse can even help keep your garden alive year-round!


thermal efficiency


5 - Plenty of Space

Greenhouses come in a variety of sizes, so no matter your gardening goals, you’re sure to find a space that fits your needs.

The right greenhouse for you should offer plenty of floor space for planting should you decide to grow larger plants, but it should also have plenty of shelving for smaller pots, tools, and other items. Consider a greenhouse that comes with foldable staging shelves for flexibility, as well as plant hangers for the smaller potted plants or flowers.


6 - Built To Last

If you’re worried that your greenhouse will be a temporary solution, worry not. Part of the joy in investing in a greenhouse is that they’re built to last, provided you’ve picked a good one.

Greenhouses made of strong, durable materials such as cedar are rot-resistant and can withstand extremely high winds. The roofs can also hold a heavy snow load, so you don’t have to worry about winter storms causing an issue.


Reimagine Your Gardening Adventure With A Backyard Discovery Greenhouse

A greenhouse complete with all the necessities just needs you, the gardener, and your magic touch. Greenhouses extend your growing season, provide ventilation for ideal growing conditions, have plenty of space, and make it easy to garden.

Backyard Discovery’s new line of greenhouses may be exactly what you need. With pre-cut and pre-drilled components that come in ready-to-assemble kits, assembling a Backyard Discovery greenhouse is easy. And, in addition to all the features mentioned above, they’re PRO-TECT™ Tested and Proven to withstand up to 100 mph winds and hold up to 50 lbs. of snow per square foot.

We promise you, a greenhouse will transform your garden and is so worth it. If you’re ready to dive in and garden like a pro, check out Backyard Discovery’s greenhouses today.


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