Backyard Discovery Playsets Saratoga Wooden Swing Set
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Backyard Discovery Playsets

Saratoga Wooden Swing Set

from our Backyard Adventures Collection

The Saratoga, a full-featured swing set with monkey bars, gives a fun twist to traditional backyard playsets by stacking a play deck above a clubhouse. The clubhouse has a wood door and mutton bars on the windows. The upper play deck is adorned with a wood roof, while below there's a nifty covered snack/activity bench covered with a canopy. Four can swing on the wooden swing set at once—two on the two-person glider and one on each belt swing. Kids can climb the ladder to the upper deck or use the more challenging monkey bars. The 8' Super Safe Speedy Slide is fast and fun!


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Saratoga Wooden Swing Set
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