nla Highlander Wooden Swing Set
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Highlander Wooden Swing Set

from our Backyard Adventures Collection

The Highlander play set offers tons of play fun for kids that starts with a four-level fort that looks like a chalet. The lower level has a picnic table and sand box area. Climb up one platform and then the next to the slide level. Climb up one more level to the clubhouse with a covered porch. The 10' wave slide has high sides for safety and a wave in the middle for maximum slide fun! A standard ladder and a solid rock wall make climbing up easy or challenging. There are two belt swings and a two-person glider for plenty of swinging fun. The Highlander even comes with two play set accessories: a telescope (no magnification) and steering wheel! All the way around, the Highlander will provide years of great, healthy fun for the kids.

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Highlander Wooden Swing Set
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