Beach Front Wooden Swing Set
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Backyard Discovery Playsets

Beach Front Wooden Swing Set

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Backyard Discovery Playsets

Beach Front Wooden Swing Set
from our Backyard Adventures Collection

Surf’s up! Transport your kids to a day full of sand and imaginary surf with the Beach Front swing set. Complete with everything but the salt water, this set has all they need. With its large deck and colorful canopy, the upper fort will make them feel like they’re relaxing under a big beach umbrella, or sailing on the high seas in search of pirates using its steering wheel and telescope. The rock wall ladder and monkey bars provide safe and challenging options for a fun ascent to the top, and the 8-foot slide offers a quick and wavy descent back to the bottom. They can close their eyes and picture an ocean breeze as they swing away on the two belt swings or acrobat bar. Try building castles and writing their names in the sandbox area below, and when they need a break, head over to the brightly colored awning and snack bar to cool off with a cold juice box. From sun up to sun down, the Beach Front set is a full day of fun.

Made of 100% cedar with a light mocha finish, the set includes Backyard Discovery’s exclusive Safe-T-Fuse hardware for secure assembly.


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