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Pictured: Customer review photo of the Cordova Gazebo
Outdoor lighting can give your backyard an instant boost, from enhancing your outdoor features to providing a much-needed light source when the sun starts to set. Knowing how to add the right lighting to your gazebo or pergola can transform your backyard from day to night in the flick of a switch.
Nowadays, your outdoor space is just as important as your indoor space, so it deserves a little investment to make it shine. A string of patio light bulbs or well-positioned solar-powered lights is an easy way to add that something special, while also showing off key features of your backyard, such as trees, fountains, pools, and your luxury gazebo or pergola. If your backyard is the location for parties and get-togethers, the right lighting can set just the right mood, from feeling warm and ambient to inspiring and exciting.
Good lighting can also be important for safety and accessibility, with sensor-activated lighting not only illuminating walkways and entries but also acting as a deterrent for any unwanted guests on your property. 

Choosing the right lights for your gazebo or pergola

Pictured: Customer review of the Fairhaven pergola

Pictured: Customer review of the Fairhaven Pergola

The type of lighting you choose to add to your outdoor structure will depend on the kind of environment you want to create. We love how our customers have created cozy sitting spaces with simple bulb string lights, while other customers have opted to add solar lighting which is a cost-effective and eco-conscious solution. 

There’s also plenty of opportunity to get creative with your lighting for a unique look. Rather than hanging lights along the wooden beams, you could zig-zag string lights across your pergola, wind them around each pillar, hang them close together to create a ‘sea’ of lights, or even create a bespoke chandelier for a real showstopper. 

For more luxury lighting ideas, you might consider free-standing lamps or pendant-style lighting, which provide an interesting alternative to the more popular string bulbs lights. These can be plugged directly into our PowerPort™, which is available on many of our pergolas and gazebos. This is a great option if you don’t fancy hard-wiring your lighting.

Installing lighting on your Backyard Discovery Pergola 

When opting to instal additional lighting onto your Backyard Discovery product, there are a few steps we always recommend taking:

  • Before carrying out any electrical work, ensure that you turn off your electrics at the main unit

  • Hire a qualified contractor if you need specialist help, or aren’t sure

  • Avoid making any cuts, holes or drilling directly into the structural elements of your gazebo or pergola

  • Use a sturdy ladder to reach the top of your pergola or gazebo. Don’t stand on furniture or take any risks

  • Check that your lights are suitable for the outdoors and weather-resistant

  • Make sure you have the correct voltage lights for your power source

  • Take the opportunity to check over your gazebo or pergola, tightening any bolts and screws to ensure longevity and safety 

Many of our customers have successfully added their own lighting to a Backyard Discovery pergola or gazebo, using our exclusive PowerPort™. The power port includes three surge-protected outlets, which are ideal for free-standing or temporary party lights; and three USB ports for devices, such as USB-powered string lights, charging your cellphone, or small speakers. 

We have a great range of gazebos and pergolas that are equipped with the PowerPort™, including the Cordova, the Mandalay, the Fairhaven, and the Stratford, and many more! 

If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly experts about the right pergola or gazebo for you, and the right lighting products for your needs, get in touch with us today.

Pictured: Customer review photo of the Saxony Grill Gazebo

Pictured: Customer review photo of the Saxony Grill Gazebo


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