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How a Gazebo Can Add Value to Your Property

Erecting a high-quality gazebo in your backyard is a great way to unify the design and amplify the beauty of your home. This contributes significantly to curbside appeal, which helps raise the value of your property when it’s time to sell.

Part of this increase comes from the value of the structure itself as a luxury backyard centerpiece. But more than that, it creates much higher perceived value among potential buyers by inspiring them with visions of living their dream lifestyle.

A gazebo isn’t just an attractive outdoor shelter. It represents the chance to spend quality time making memories with friends and family under the summer sun. It’s a reason to host BBQs, birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and joyful get-togethers of all kinds. And when the candles burn out and the guests head home, it becomes a personal oasis of comfort and calm, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

birthday party under a backyard wooden gazebo

While this perceived value is typically the main cause of a higher sale price, there are several practical factors that affect the extent of your increase. Here are a few important aspects to consider – which, incidentally, can also help you get more enjoyment from your gazebo, too!

Gazebo Factors that Affect Home-Sale Price


It stands to reason that a larger, more expensive gazebo would add more value to your property. This can certainly be true, but bigger doesn’t always mean better.

If you get a gazebo that’s too big for your yard, it can make your property seem cramped and uninviting. Similarly, a gazebo that’s too small can get lost among other features, reducing its impact. So make sure to choose a model that’s properly scaled with your yard as a whole and fits comfortably within the overall design.

For a particularly spacious yard, you might even consider a carport gazebo, particularly if you don’t have a garage. These protect vehicles against up to 90% of weather when positioned against two walls of the home structure, making them incredibly valuable to buyers who drive.


Climates across the US vary widely. Some enjoy a great deal of sun while others experience lots of rain or snow. Your gazebo can offer shelter from all sorts of weather conditions to allow year-round use, but only if it’s properly positioned.

In warmer, sunnier areas like Florida or California, put up your gazebo in an open area that gets plenty of light. That way, you can safely work on your tan from under the cooling shade.

For wetter states like Louisiana or snowy states like Maine, an insulated gazebo helps keep you warm and dry in spite of the weather. That means it’s better to erect it close to your main home structure for extra protection and so you can get in and out quickly.

If you’re not sure which location would be best for you and future buyers, feel free to experiment with several positions throughout the year. You can get clear interactive instructions for any Backyard Discovery gazebo using BILT®, our supported assembly app. BILT® makes it easy to put up or take down your gazebo, letting you try different locations without worry or stress.


motor boat parked under wooden gazebo carport


Cost and Quality

While a gazebo can add value to your property, it’s important not to invest more than you stand to gain. However, purchasing a cheap, flimsy gazebo as a way to save money can actually reduce your property’s curbside appeal. And you’ll want to get a few years of good use from your gazebo before you sell, so it’s important to find something that’ll last.

Look for a manufacturer that balances exceptional quality and affordable pricing. Backyard Discovery gazebos, for example, start from just $1,199, but always use the best methods and materials to ensure total satisfaction. That means you can enjoy a sturdy, long-lasting gazebo that provides excellent return on investment when you sell.


High-quality permanent gazebos are typically made from wood or metal.

The natural aesthetic and characterful grain of wooden gazebos make them a fantastic complement to traditional properties. They match well with slanted roofs, brickwork patterns, and timber panels for a design that evokes classic elegance. We construct our wooden gazebos using cedar wood due to its exceptional stability, durability, and natural protection against pests and corrosion.

For the smooth faces and more minimalist qualities of a modern home, however, a metal gazebo might be a better fit. These tend to feature hidden joints, sleek seams, and uniform coloring to offer a clean and uniform appearance. Metal gazebos from Backyard Discovery exclusively use galvanized steel, a rustproof and weatherproof material that needs no maintenance to stay looking incredible.

That’s not to say wood and metal gazebos only suit traditional and modern properties, however, particularly because many homes have aspects of both. The important thing is to choose a gazebo design that’s suitable for your specific property. That way, you can create a cohesive design that makes a lasting impression on potential buyers.


modern metal gazebo


Additional Features

It’s not just the quality and placement of your gazebo that affects how much value it adds to your property. What you put underneath it also plays a key role.

At the very least, you’ll want to add chairs, a small table, cushions. Backyard Discovery gazebos also feature an exclusive PowerPortTM with USB ports and outlets, letting you hook up lights, speakers, heaters, and more. If you want to emphasize the luxury aspect of your gazebo, you might even install a hot tub!

Furnishing your gazebo presents it as a fully functioning space for relaxing or socializing. This increases curbside appeal and helps potential buyers imagine the joy of owning your home, which drives up the asking price.

Most of All, Get a Gazebo YOU Enjoy!

Finding the perfect gazebo for your backyard is a great way to increase your property value. But it’s not just potential buyers who can enjoy garden parties and romantic dinners under the stars. So first and foremost, it’s important to get the gazebo that suits you.

Here at Backyard Discovery, we manufacture cedar wood and galvanized steel gazebos from 12x9.5 to 20x12, including carports and grill gazebos. Each one is tested and certified to stand strong in snow, wind, and heat, and carries a healthy warranty as an assurance of high quality. Take a look through our online store today and make the most of your backyard with an affordable luxury gazebo.


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