7 Creative Pergola Ideas for Your Backyard

Adding a pergola to your backyard is the perfect way for you, your family, and your friends to soak up the sun in supreme comfort. And for some, that’s all it needs to be.

But underneath that slatted roof, true seekers of serious luxury see a world of possibilities. With a touch of inspiration, you can transform your pergola from a delightful backyard shelter into a natural wonderland, an airy testament to the culinary arts, or even a Mediterranean paradise. That’s why we’re here to give your imagination a push with seven creative ideas for making the most of your pergola.

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1: Lose yourself in the hanging gardens of home

The main difference between a gazebo and a pergola is that one has a solid roof while the other has slats. But these aren’t just for letting in the sun. Add a few hooks and work your green thumb, and you can relax surrounded by a hanging bounty of wondrous plants and flowers. 


Looking to take it a step further? Simple. Put up some trellises along the sides of your pergola and grow beautiful vines like rocktrumpet, clematis, or climbing hydrangeas. Then, finish off with some ornate metal chairs and wooden-top tables to complete the elegant garden aesthetic. 

2: Show Gordon Ramsay who runs the show in your backyard kitchen

What’s the point of flipping burgers in style if nobody can see you do it? A large pergola can easily fit all the meat grilling, veg chopping, cocktail mixing equipment you could need, as well as tables and chairs for your many hungry guests. So grab your utensils, tighten your apron, and crank up the heat for an unforgettable BBQ bash!

pergola grill


3: Catch 40 winks in a cabana classic

While some like their pergolas to be large and well furnished, others prefer the simple things in life. If you have one of our cabana pergolas, hook a hammock between the two open corners like they were palm trees and dream sweet dreams of breezy Bahama beaches.


4: Cuddle up tight with a cozy fire pit

With their open canopies and free ventilation, pergolas are a staple of summer indulgence. But when the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, it’s time to go inside. Or is it?

By adding a fire pit in the middle of your pergola (and maybe grabbing a blanket or two) you can stay snuggled up outside without catching a cold. Grab a bottle of wine and a selection of fancy cheeses, and prepare to watch the sun set in style.


firepit under pergola 

5: Enjoy premium pampering with a personal poolside palace

A backyard pool is perhaps the clearest sign that you’re no stranger to quality living. But there’s no reason that relaxation and refreshment should end once you leave the water.

As you emerge, take a few steps forward and drop into the welcoming arms of a poolside sun lounger. Perhaps even grab a drink from the cooler and crack open that novel you’ve been meaning to read. Or just pop some cucumber slices on your eyes and drift away. And once you’re all dry and warm, pull over the canopy for a lovely spot of shade. 

pergola poolside


6: Rev up the romance with an intimate evening retreat

Not all pergolas need to be shared with everyone you love. Sometimes, all you need is your special someone. So light a few candles. Pour a glass of Pinot Noir. Hit play on your secret love song playlist. And surrender to the warm embrace of a comfy couple’s couch for your long-awaited evening of romance.


7: Become an exotic beachside bartender (but hold the sand)

No daydream of summer vacations is complete without a tropical bar and some bright, fruity drinks. So why not bring the beach home with you by setting up your own exotic cocktail shack?

For this, you’ll need a pergola with a built-in countertop like our Ashland pergola. Then, add stools for your patrons to occupy. Once they’ve placed their order, turn to your cabinet of choice beverages, grab a shaker, and mix up the sweet taste of paradise. To really complete the look, add some Mediterranean foliage and a bowl of wax fruit, and set your bar to the sound of ocean waves.


pergola beachside bar

Bring Your Vision to Life with a Premium Pergola

However you plan to accent your pergola, it’s always important to invest in a top-quality model. That’s why Backyard Discovery stocks a wide range of wood, metal, and cabana pergolas to suit any outdoor space.

We build our pergolas using the finest materials available, and design them from the ground up to resist corrosion and strong weather. They come pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained, making them easy to put up using our interactive BILT® app. And with our excellent five-year warranty, you can always buy with confidence.

Visit our online store to browse our selection, and bring your dream pergola to your backyard.



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