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gazebo in backyard with family

Nothing says “Welcome to my Backyardland” quite like a custom-created outdoor space centered around the things you like to do most. A backyard gazebo is a great way to add a little of your personality, because they’re such a versatile feature. Not only do they provide essential shelter and shade, but they also act as the perfect portal to whatever world you want to be in! That’s the beauty of Backyardland

Whether you want to create a comfortable spot for socializing, a serene space for meditating, or even an impressive home bar with cool colored lighting, a gazebo is the perfect place to start. Here are 10 reasons why:


1: Create a zen space with a Japanese garden theme  

Zen space with Japanese Garden theme
Photo by Hideki Nishiyama on Unsplash 

Recreate those seriously serene scenes from Japanese landscape paintings and the famous gardens of Japan by turning your gazebo into a pagoda overlooking your foliage. A great way to further this feel is to add ornamental bridges and water features to your backyard, along with native species such as acers, Japanese maples, and reed grasses. 

As for the gazebo itself, you could add some rice paper screens for privacy and shade along with floor cushions and comfortable mats for a truly authentic experience. 


2: Make movie nights magical with an outdoor cinema space 

Backyard movie set
Picture by @interiorwife on Instagram

You’ve got the shelter, shade, and comfortable seating — now all you need is a big old bowl of popcorn and a blockbuster to boot. We love the idea of transforming a garden gazebo into a home movie theater, especially when it comes to cool evenings and entertaining guests. Providing you wait until it’s gone completely dark so you can see the screen, you could also do this with your pergola, making it an easy option whatever your setup might be. 

Find out how you can transform your gazebo into an outdoor theater with this handy guide.

3. Impress your dinner guests with an outdoor eatery 

Outdoor eatery gazebo

Another great one for those who love to entertain, an outdoor dining area provides the perfect opportunity to cook up a storm in true style. Whether you have a built-in pizza oven, a countertop hotplate, or just a good old grill, incorporating a stylish seating area is a great way to make use of your gazebo. 

With an outdoor dining area, one of the best things is the ability to customize it to suit your individual style. In creating your very own Backyardland, you can opt for traditional style, modern minimalism, or even eclectic inspiration for a quirkier space. 


4. Hot tub heaven — soak away the stress under the stars 

Hot tub under pergola
Image taken from Pinterest 

Did you know that there are approximately 5.8 million hot tubs at homes across the US? That’s a whole lot of warm water! Known for their health benefits and relaxing qualities, hot tubs are quickly becoming a staple of the stylish backyard. 

By adding a gazebo over your hot tub, you’ll not only be able to enjoy it whatever the weather, but you’ll also keep the elements off the exterior of your tub and protect it against things like discoloration and mildew. 


5. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…head to the gazebo bar!

Planning for some tiki time? Cocktails with friends? Post-game cold ones? A gazebo or pergola is the perfect place to start your very own bar. Whether you choose to DIY the whole thing or make use of ready-made counters and kits, you can create the ultimate social setting, which is great if you’d rather be making a mess outdoors than indoors! 


6. Make a poolside paradise with your backyard gazebo 

Gazebo poolside
Picture taken by @j.c._westen_media on Instagram

If you enjoy spending your spare time beneath the rays and relaxing in your pool, it’s essential to seek cover every now and then to avoid things like sunstroke and heat exhaustion. Rather than go to the expense of building a pool house, you could opt for a gazebo at less than a quarter of the price, and reap the same rewards of shade and comfortable seating. What’s more, you’ll also be able to relocate your gazebo should you feel like changing things around. 


7. Be the master of the grill whatever the weather with a BBQ gazebo

Grill gazebo

Working the grill is a dirty, hot, job — but someone’s gotta do it (and it’s seriously fun). Adding a grill gazebo to your backyard will allow you to bring the heat without being beaten down by the rays, or having the rain ruin your cookout. Our very own Saxony Grill Gazebo is made with this in mind, equipped with everything from powder-coated steel countertops, a PowerPort for accessible charging, and a thermal barrier for effective temperature management. 


8. Add sides to your gazebo for an indoor/outdoor experience 

Are you the type that feels the cold? Worried about winds ruining your outdoor relaxation? You can easily overcome this by adding slats or sides to your gazebo, or going all out and building wooden walls for complete protection. However, you’ll need to be careful that any extra additions you make don’t invalidate your gazebo warranty or guarantee. 

If you’re just looking for privacy and shade, good alternative options to building solid walls include hanging drapes and mosquito netting where necessary. 


9. Stay on vacay with a massage & spa pavilion 

gazebo spa pavilion
Picture taken from St. James’ Club Antigua

Still thinking about that last trip to Cabo where you got a massage on the beach? Why not bring a little vacation mode to your own space by transforming your gazebo into a high-end treatment hideaway where you can sip piña coladas and plan your next getaway. 


10. A gaming gazebo for family fun

Making a gaming gazebo is a good idea for getting the kids involved, as it could provide the perfect place for them to enjoy their favorite table games — such as air hockey, pool, or ping pong. 

You could also add other game equipment to the gazebo, like cornhole or Nerf hoops , and if your kids are more into electronic activities, you could always add a beanbag corner so that they’re included too.

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