How to Choose the Best Gazebo for Your Backyard Using Augmented Reality

Investing in an outdoor structure for your backyard is a big decision. With so many designs and materials to choose, it can be difficult to know which gazebo is right for your home. The most important element of shopping for a gazebo is making sure you find one that fits both your space and personal style. 

To help you find the best gazebo for your backyard, we’ve rounded up all the important points to consider before you part with your hard-earned money. We also explain how our augmented reality tool lets you see our gazebos in your backyard before you buy. 

How to find the best gazebo

Just like any other product, the best gazebo for you will depend on your own personal preferences, as well as some environmental factors such as space, terrain, and the weather extremes you’re likely to experience in your area. 

Below, we’ve listed everything you should consider when choosing a gazebo and made some recommendations worth taking a look at. 

What are you using the gazebo for? 

By establishing exactly what you want to be able to do under and around your gazebo, you’ll be able to better identify the right product for you. For example, you might want a gazebo for:

  • Poolside shade 
  • To create an outdoor dining area
  • Some cover for your beloved BBQ grill

At Backyard Discovery, we have gazebos to suit every purpose, including structures with electrical outlets to light up the dark evenings or plug in music systems. If you’re looking for cover for your BBQ, don’t forget to look at our Saxony Grill Gazebo. It comes complete with a powder-coated steel preparation space and a weatherproof PowerPort™ that features three USB ports and three electrical outlets.

How big is your outdoor area? 

After figuring out what you’re going to use the gazebo for, you’ll be able to narrow down your search further by measuring your backyard space. This will allow you to see what fits and what is going to be too big.

Common gazebo sizes tend to be around 12’x10’, which will suit most backyards and give you plenty of space for relaxing and dining. The largest gazebo we offer is 14’x12’, which offers 168 square feet of shaded space for comfortable seating or a large dining area. 

Choosing the right material for your gazebo 

With so many different kinds of wood, metal, plastic, and composite available across the market, your options really are endless when it comes to gazebo materials. If you have a particular image in mind, such as an attractive, traditional gazebo, it’s likely to be made out of either wood or metal. 

Here at Backyard Discovery, we construct our gazebos using either Nordic Spruce Cedar, or Galvanized Steel, which are all very popular for building outdoor structures. These materials are naturally decay-resistant and less likely to warp or twist over time. All gazebo parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained to make installation as easy as possible. 

As for our certified strong roofs on our gazebos, we opt for durable, dent resistant steel that has been third-party certified to withstand 50 pounds per square foot or 30 total inches of snow. Perfect for keeping your gazebo safe and strong throughout the year. 

How will your gazebo look in your backyard? 

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that each of our luxury backyard gazebos will make an attractive addition to your outdoor space. We understand that shopping for your dream gazebo is a big decision and you want to have complete peace of mind that it’s going to look great in your chosen spot. 

That’s why we let you have a sneak peek at how a Backyard Discovery gazebo will look in your backyard before you buy. 



View our gazebos in your backyard before you buy 

Imagine if you could see what your chosen gazebo is going to look like in your backyard before you decide to purchase. Thanks to our latest online feature, you can see exactly what it will look like using just your phone! 

Using intelligent augmented reality technology, you can now easily view them in your outdoor area. 

If you’re using a desktop computer, when you look at the ArlingtonSaxony, and Cordova gazebos on our website, you’ll see a QR code on the images. All you need to do is scan the QR code image on your mobile device and use the augmented reality tool to view them in your own backyard. If you’re already using your mobile device to visit our site, once you tap on a product you’ll see an option under the product image to “View in your space.” Tap that and head to the backyard!

If you’d like to know more about Backyard Discovery gazebos and how to choose the best gazebo for your backyard, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today.


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