Patio Products 10' x 10' Pergola
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Patio Products

10' x 10' Pergola

from our Backyard Adventures Collection
Item # 1505513com Turn your patio into a naturally shaded oasis by letting vines and roses grow across this pergola’s arbors. This beautiful 10' x 10' pergola is made from 100% cedar. Sculptured beams crisscross both directions and give it strength as well as flair. The four uprights are made from cedar, 5 1/2" on a side. Our patent-pending decorative foot covers hide unique anchors that keep the pergola firmly secured to the ground or patio. The inside dimensions are 7' x 7' with a headroom of 6' 7" so there’s plenty of room for your patio furniture underneath. This pergola will give your patio wonderful, shaded, natural beauty that will let you enjoy hours of relaxation there.

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10' x 10' Pergola
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