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How to Decorate a Gazebo for an Outdoor Wedding

What better way to celebrate the most special day of your life than bringing it home to your backyard? There isn’t one, it seems, as more and more happy couples across the country opt for an outdoor wedding.

In fact, in 2019, 57% of wedded couples had their ceremony outside, a figure that rose to 68% in 2020. Choosing to host your big day at your own home (or in someone else’s garden) can also save you thousands of dollars and it allows you to elevate your DIY décor with a more personal touch. 

Planning an outdoor wedding? Look no further for how to incorporate one of our gazebos into your special event. Read on to discover our favorite gazebo wedding décor. 

10 Ideas for Gazebo Wedding Décor 

As specialists in luxury backyard gazebos, we know a thing (or ten) about making them look good. When it comes to weddings, why not pull out all the stops? 

1: Flower power

Whether you grow your own or work with a local florist, flower arrangements are an essential part of your wedding day and can make your gazebo look truly stunning.

Go for vibrant colors or plain peaceful white, wrapping them around the posts of your gazebo, creating a romantic floral arch or even suspending them from the ceiling of your structure. 

2: Fabric drapes

Adding drapes of fabric to your gazebo is a great way to create privacy and continue the bridal theme.

We love plain white and ivory silks or voiles, but if you have your own theme color, you can choose fabrics in this shade and add them to your gazebo by wrapping it around the upright posts, suspending it like drapes or even pulling it taught at the rear of the gazebo to provide shelter from any wind. 

3: Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a practical and cost-effective décor idea that work wonderfully with gazebos. Available from lots of different online retailers and local stores, paper lanterns come in many different sizes and can be easily suspended from the ceiling of your gazebo. 

You could also create a themed area by hanging them in the trees around your property, too. 

4: Create a candlelit ambience

Nothing says romance quite like candlelight. Adding a natural glow to your proceedings, candles are perfect in mason jars, glass lanterns and even on candelabras, and can be easily positioned around and inside your gazebo.

Just ensure that you follow all safety procedures and don’t leave candles unattended. You should also avoid putting any of the candles too close to the structure of your gazebo if it’s made out of timber. 

5: String lights

If you want the romance of candlelight without having to think about safety, string lights have a similar effect.

Widely available and powered by battery, solar or electricity, hanging string lights around your gazebo for your big day will transform it into a special space - you can also keep them there afterwards for future outdoor dinner dates and summertime gatherings.

6: Gorgeous greenery 

Going hand-in-hand with floral décor, greenery is perfect for an enchanted forest wedding theme. Thanks to the structure of our luxury gazebos, you’ll have plenty of posts to secure your greenery. For an all-year round effect, opt for realistic faux plants. 

7: Glam chandeliers

If you’re really looking to impress your wedding guests, suspend a chandelier from the ceiling of your gazebo.

Choose between candlelit or electric and decide if you want to go gothic with an extravagant antique piece, or keep things clean and modern with a tubular steel structure. 

8: Plan ahead and plant 

Many couples begin planning their nuptials up to two years in advance, you might be able to get ahead of the game and plant around your gazebo in preparation for your big day. 

Climbers such as wisteria and ivy have an enchanting effect, but can take a long time to establish themselves. For fast growing climbers that are still easy on the eye, consider rambling roses, virginia creeper and perennial sweet pea. 

9: Center table - make it out of something different!

The gazebo is often used as the altar, meaning there will normally be a table or some kind of surface for the newlyweds to sign the official documents after the ceremony. Rather than going for the stereotypical table and cloth, why not get creative? We love the idea of adding an old, aged barrel for a rustic effect, a tall drum for the rock’n’roll wedding or even a piece of antique, French furniture for a romantic touch. 

10: All of the above

For an elevated wedding that family and friends will be talking about for years to come, try incorporating all of our decor ideas to really wow your guests! 


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