How to Add Lighting to your Gazebo or Pergola (Inspired by Real Customers)

When it comes to your indoor and your outdoor space, the right lighting can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking to achieve idyllic ambience or a playful, party mood — adding lighting to your outdoor entertainment area is a fun way to add personality. 

By selecting a pergola or gazebo with PowerPort™ technology you’ve got access to a wide range of lighting options, as well as being able to power your devices (and disco ball)! 

Just like you, we could get lost in the endless inspiration provided by Pinterest and Instagram, which is why we’ve put together this short guide on the different ways you can add lighting to your gazebo or pergola. We’ve taken photos from real customers to give you inspiration to update your structure with a little lighting. 

Choosing the right lights for your gazebo 

First, you need to decide the kind of lights you want to add to your outdoor structure. The most popular customer choice seems to be stunning string lights, like these added by Amy Romfo from @thecoastaloak on Instagram. 


Another string light example that we love is this stunning set-up shared by ironandlacedesign, who used string-lights in a zig-zag formation to make her outdoor dining area beneath the Arlington Gazebo extra special. 


If you’re looking to add some warm lighting to your gazebo, we recommend these durable string lights from Costco

Alternatively, thanks to the freedom provided by our exclusive PowerPort™ feature, you could opt for statement pendant lighting like these attractive options, or even your very own outdoor disco light

Different designs to hang your lights

An important part of hanging your outdoor lights is deciding what pattern you’ll choose to arrange them. If you’re asking yourself, “how should I hang gazebo lights,” you’ll want to consider the following three options, which are clear favorites with our customers:

  • Zig-zag — Take your lights and make a side-to-side pattern when hanging them, so that you end up with a zig-zag formation across the top of your gazebo.
  • Straight columns — This is the most straightforward method that’s quick and easy to assemble for outdoor gatherings. Simply hang your lights straight across your structure and then double back on yourself with the lights slightly further apart to create straight columns of light.
  • Perimeter — If you want to frame your structure space, it’s a great idea to hang your lights around the edge of the gazebo. You can hang them close to the structure or have them hanging between each hook to form a garland effect.
Image: creativelittledaisy on Instagram.


How to hang your lights 

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to hang outdoor lights without nails. So, let’s take a look at what we recommend. 

Use a glue gun — Using a glue gun to hang your outdoor lights is a simple and effective method that works with most materials. You might even already have a glue gun lying around somewhere, which means you can get to work on hanging those lights right away. It’s important to remember that this method is pretty permanent, so make sure you’re happy with how the lights look there before you commit.

To make positioning and gluing the lights easier, we suggest taping them into place before using your glue gun to secure them. It’s worth investing in a high-quality glue gun so you only have to do the job once. 

Staples — Again, any firm DIY fan is likely to have a staple gun lying around, and staples can usually be easily removed where you have tacked them into porous materials such as wood. To hang your outdoor lights quickly and easily, you can pick up a staple gun set for as little as $20. 

Adhesive-backed hooks — Want to hang your lights with minimal evidence? These adhesive-backed hooks are a game changer. Easy to use and equally easy to remove, these hooks are perfect if you want to be able to remove your lighting at a later date, or have the freedom to move things around without causing damage. Just make sure that you choose the outdoor hooks that are suitable for your climate. 

Shingle tabs — If only there was a product designed specifically to help you hang patio lights without those pesky nails. Oh wait, there is! These clever shingle clips can be used on roofs and gutters without causing any damage or permanent holes. The best thing is that they are completely reusable and make for easy Christmas decorating, too! 

How to hang patio lights without nails — or anything else 

We get it, sometimes you don’t want to have to purchase any extras in order to hang your lighting, and there are some clever methods that mean you can use existing backyard items instead. 

Have a look around to discover things that are already in your backyard such as trees, guttering, fences, railings, bushes, poles, and even potted plants. Just take care to avoid causing damage or harm to yourself and ensure that any ladders are properly extended with someone to help you from the ground. 

There are many different ways to add lighting to your outdoor structure, from the pattern in which you hang them, to the type of lighting you use. When you choose a Backyard Discovery structure with our exclusive PowerPort™ feature, you’ll have endless options to create a beautiful outdoor environment. 


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