Guide to Proper Swing Set Placement

A new swing set is a gateway to revamping a child’s playtime. Swing sets are an excellent way to get kids outdoors and playing with each other. They also provide naturally great exercise for kids as they’ll be climbing, swinging and running around.

You’re ready to purchase a swing set to give your children a lifetime of memories, but one thing has you stumped. “How do I position a swing set in my yard?” Ultimately, the size of your backyard and the area around it will go a long way in determining not only the size of the set you get, but where you position it.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when positioning your swing set. Below are a few tips.


A Level Surface With Proper Anchoring

The first element of proper swing set placement is ensuring the set is assembled on level ground and properly anchored. Installing the swing set on a level surface will minimize the risk of it tipping over during extreme weather. A level surface also reduces the possibility of loose-fill material blowing or washing away during extreme weather conditions.


Clear of Obstacles

A swing set should be at least 6’7” from any structure or obstruction. This includes fences, houses, garages, trees, or overhead wires. Having this safe play zone around a swing set ensures that the set can be used to its full capacity, such as swings and other elements with oscillatory motion. It also allows ample space for kids to play around the swing set safely. 


Whispering Point Swing Set


No Ground Hazards

In addition to making sure the swing set is far enough away from structures, it’s equally important to make sure the ground underneath the set doesn’t have any hazards. Make sure there aren’t large rocks, sprinkler heads, tree stumps, roots, bricks or concrete under the set.

It’s also important to choose a safe loose-fill surface material for the set and to apply it only after the set has been assembled and anchored. Common loose-fill materials include wood chips, sand, pea gravel or rubber. These materials should be spread evenly in a designated area below and around the set. Swing Sets should never be installed on concrete, asphalt, dirt or other hard surfaces.


Transform Playtime with a Well-Placed Swing Set in Your Yard

If you were wondering how far to position a swing set from a fence or had questions about how to choose the right surface, hopefully this helped!

A new swing set will cause children’s imaginations to run wild, as well as keep them occupied for hours at a time. If you’re ready to transform playtime for your kids, consider a swing set from Backyard Discovery today!


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