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 Do Pergolas Provide Shade?

Do pergolas provide shade? 


Wait, don’t go! 

There’s more to it than that, we promise. Yes, pergolas provide shade, but they also act as a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space, helping provide affordable, low-maintenance comfort to you and your family on hot summer days. 

Need Shade? Pergolas Have You (Partially) Covered

So, how do pergolas provide shade? By providing a physical barrier between you and the sun's shining rays, of course! However, the amount of shade offered depends on a few factors: the beams' size and spacing, where your pergola is placed, and whether or not it has a cover.

Thicker shafts with a tighter lattice work will provide more shade than thinner beams spaced farther apart, but it will also restrict the view of the sky from inside the pergolas and limit the open airflow design that helps keep the area cool. 

Where You Place Your Pergolas Matters

Pergola placement is another important factor when it comes to shade. Is it on the east side of your house or the west? If it’s on the east side, you can expect more shade during the evening hours. If it’s on the west side, the opposite is true, and you will enjoy more shade in the morning. 

It’s also worth asking if your pergola would be next to your home or on your back patio deck. Pergolas attached to or next to your home will benefit from the additional shade the building provides, while those further away will have to rely solely on the structure itself. A sail shade soft canopy can increase the UV protection your pergola provides and shield you and your guests from light rain.

If You’re Looking for Full Shade, Consider a Gazebo

While a pergola provides some relief from the heat, even a covered one will never offer 100% complete shade. Plenty of pergola ideas can help increase your shade, from installing different canopies and fabric walls/curtains to adding fast-growing vines to the roof. But for full shade, a gazebo does a much better job. Luckily, Backyard Discovery also provides a wide range of gazebos with a bunch of options.

How Much Shade Does a Gazebo Offer?

Because of their design, gazebos provide much more shade coverage than a pergola. For one, the roof of a gazebo is continuous and offers complete cover from the elements and the sun’s rays. Also, unlike its flat-roofed cousin, gazebos have pitched roofs to allow rain to run off the sides. This full-roof design means that objects stored under a gazebo are exposed to less UV radiation and rain, making them the ideal place to keep outdoor furniture.

So there you have it! If you need shade for your backyard shindigs this summer and you’re thinking about adding a pergola or gazebo to your backyard deck or patio, contact our team of backyard experts so that we can help find the perfect fit for you. 


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