Decor Ideas for Your Backyard Pergola or Gazebo

You painstakingly decorate your kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room, bedrooms, and even your garage, so why should your backyard pergola or gazebo be any different? How you choose to decorate it will reflect your style and interests and serve as a functional location to enjoy the outdoors either by yourself or with loved ones.

Maybe you’ve only recently gotten a pergola or gazebo, or perhaps it’s been a while since you updated it. Either way, we’d like to show you some outdoor pergola and gazebo ideas to help inspire you to make them your own. Here’s how the right lights, plants, and seating can transform your pergola or gazebo into the crown jewel of your backyard.


When it comes to cozy lighting ideas, the sky is the limit. Whether it's Chinese paper lanterns, fairy lights, or large hanging bulbs, lights do a wonderful job enhancing your pergola's overall aesthetic and nighttime atmosphere. And because many pergolas and gazebos at Backyard Discovery come with our exclusive PowerPort system (complete with three USB ports and power outlets), you’ll have plenty of room to plug your lights in.

However, solar-powered lights may be the ideal solution if your pergola or gazebo isn’t equipped with outlets or you don’t have one conveniently located near you. They allow you to place lights anywhere on your pergola, gazebo, and surrounding deck, patio, or backyard. They also come with the added benefit of being low-cost and easier on your electric bill. 

Both solar-powered and regular lights come in all manner of shapes, sizes, and colors. Common bulb styles include globe, Edison, lantern, fairy, and rope. Other factors such as bulb size, brightness, and color temperature should all be considered based on your desired aesthetic and vibe. Solar-powered bulbs can also benefit from a wide range of fun features, such as color-changing bulbs, dimming options, and even remote/app controls.

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For as long as pergolas and gazebos have existed, we’ve been using them to grow and display a wide assortment of climbing plants, vines, and gardens. Plants not only help bring the joys of nature into your backyard, deck, or patio, but they can also help provide additional shade for enjoying those hot summer days in your backyard.

Pergolas and gazebos are different in design and purpose, as well as how you can enhance them with plants. With pergolas, you can grow plants directly on the structure, adding to its potential shade and architectural beauty. Honeysuckles, passion flowers, potato vine, grapevines, clematis, climbing roses, wisteria, trumpet vine, crimson glory vine, and even strawberries are all popular choices. 

With gazebos, however, plants are usually placed around them. You can hang potted plants from your gazebo or place planters around them. This way, you can create your own diverse garden around you, with the only limit being your imagination.


One of the best ways to enjoy your pergola or gazebo is by sitting under it, enjoying the fresh air and summer breeze. But when it comes to just what type of seating you choose, you really are spoiled for choice. One of the things you must consider when selecting seats for your pergola or gazebo is how you’re going to use it most often. Is it where you plan to entertain family and friends, or will it be your little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

When gathering under your pergola or gazebo outside, some outdoor furniture can help make it feel like an extension of your home, like an outdoor dining room or kitchen. Patio furniture, dining tables, and side tables can make your pergola or gazebo the ideal place to eat outside. Even better, installing a fire pit or small outdoor grill can bring the joy of cooking in the great outdoors to your own backyard.

If you’re looking for something more “just for you,” consider installing hammock hooks on your pergola or gazebo. With just two hooks, you can have the best of both worlds. On quiet, sunny days, you can relax in your hammock with a drink and a good book. Then, on days you need the extra space, you can quickly take it down and make room for more chairs or table space.

Need More Pergola and Gazebo Decorating Ideas?

As you’ve seen, you can use lights, plants, and outdoor decor to enhance your backyard space with warmth and maybe even a bit of whimsy. No matter how you choose to decorate it, your pergola or gazebo should bring enjoyment to you for years to come.

If you’re thinking about adding a pergola or gazebo to your backyard deck or patio, contact our team of experts so that we can help you find the perfect fit for your backyard experience.



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