Photo Shoot General Info


Thank you for your interest in our product photo shoots. Please take a moment to review the following information to determine whether or not your child(ren) would be eligible candidates.

  • Photo shoots are open to boys & girls ages 3 to 10.
  • Photo shoots are generally held weekdays at 4:00 pm and can run up to 2 hours long. Times may occasionally vary.
  • Each child who participates is compensated with a Walmart gift card. 
  • All correspondence regarding each shoot is done via email – this includes scheduling & cancellations. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to send notifications via text at this time. 
  • Shoots are held both indoors and/or outdoors. Locations will vary.
  • Each parent or guardian is required to sign a release form at the beginning of every shoot. These forms give us permission to use the photos/videos on various platforms (websites, social media, store signage etc). 
  • A strict dress code is enforced. Children who do not fit within the parameters of our dress code will not be eligible to participate. See below for more details.


If interested please send a high resolution image of your child(ren) along with your name, your email address, the name of your child(ren) and their age(s) to Please, no snapchat or face altering filters of any kind.


(Your submission does NOT have to be a professional head shot).


Photo shoot Dress code & Guidelines


Thank you for electing to participate in a Backyard Discovery photo shoot. Please take a moment to review the following rules and regulations. We are proud of our products and want our images to reflect the high standards we set as a company. The following guidelines have been implemented not only to show each product at its fullest potential, but most importantly, to insure the safety and well being of your children.


Required Dress Code

Please note that children who do not fit within these parameters will NOT be eligible to participate.


  • Hair must be brushed, neat and out of the child’s face
  • NO dresses or skirts
  • NO gym shorts/athletic apparel or sports jerseys
  • NO sleeveless shirts or tank tops
  • NO jewelry of any kind
  • Tennis shoes ONLY (absolutely no sandals or flip flops)
  • Solid colored shorts preferred
  • Solid colored shirts or shirts with basic geometric patterns are acceptable (ex: stripes, polka dots, etc)
  • NO graphic t-shirts (ex: shirts with words or phrases printed on them)
  • NO large distinguishable logos, name brands or characters may be visible on clothing (shoes with logos are acceptable)


If you have more than 1 child participating: please try to dress them in different colors (if possible).


Limited wardrobe will be available for instances where: multiple participants show up wearing the same color, stains or spills occur, we feel we need more color coordination within the group of participants, we feel the participant’s attire does not fall within the dress code parameters, etc.


Lastly, we know you all have busy schedules, and sometimes things come up! Out of courtesy, if you are not able to attend PLEASE be sure to let us know as far in advance as possible. That way we know you’re OK & we aren’t scrambling to find replacements last minute.

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