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Outdoor Kitchens: Are They Worth It?

Have you ever considered an outdoor kitchen? Maybe you've wanted one for a while, but you're not sure if you have the space in your backyard, or you don't want the hassle or expense of hiring a contractor.

The good news is, outdoor kitchens don't require a ton of yard space or a contractor with a big budget. With a ready-to-assemble kitchen, you can enjoy all-weather cooking in your backyard, in a smaller footprint than you might think.

Here are a few reasons why an outdoor kitchen is worth it:


1 - Lots of Space

One challenge you may have with your current grilling setup is the lack of space. After all, cooking a full meal on the grill can sometimes require lots of prep, including ingredients, dishes and utensils. Usually, the prep is done in your indoor kitchen, which requires back-and-forth trips from the kitchen to the grill.

An outdoor kitchen with plenty of prep space solves for that. You can prepare your food on a countertop, then transfer straight to the grill without the hassle of going back and forth.

Depending on the outdoor kitchen you’re looking at, you may be able to place it anywhere in your outdoor space. If the grill that’s part of the outdoor kitchen runs on propane, that makes it easy. Install the kitchen where you have space, without the restriction of needing a gas line connected to the house.


grilling on backyard discovery outdoor kitchen


2 - Makes Outdoor Entertaining Easier

If you have friends or family over and are gathering outside, you don’t want to be stuck inside cooking. An outdoor kitchen with all the essentials not only allows you to cook outside and be part of the group, but also limits your back-and-forth.

Most outdoor kitchens have storage space for any utensils or cookware you need, and some even have built-in trash cans. If your guests are looking for a refreshing beverage to cool down on a hot day, you can find an outdoor kitchen equipped with a built-in refrigerator.


3 - You Can Cook In Any Weather

Another issue with simply having a grill on your patio is that your outdoor cooking aspirations are weather-dependent. With an outdoor kitchen that includes a roof, you can keep yourself, your grill and your food dry if it’s raining or snowing.

Say goodbye to seasonal outdoor cooking and hello to year-round grilling! 


4 - Easier and Cheaper Than Hiring A Contractor

Some who opt to add an outdoor kitchen to their space think they have to do it themselves. And if you’re thinking this way, then yes, it can be daunting to hire a contractor, figure out what exactly you want and need in your kitchen, buy all the supplies and parts, and haggle over price. Once all that’s done, the contractor still has to build it, which could take a lot of time depending on how complex the project is.

Fortunately for you, there’s another option. Turn-key gourmet kitchens are available in kits that you can assemble in just a few hours. Everything comes pre-cut and pre-drilled, with easy-to-understand instructions. You’ll be grilling with ease and convenience, using all the features you’ve ever dreamed of having, for far less than the cost of hiring someone else to build it.


fusion flame outdoor kitchen


5 - Every Feature You Could Want

You may be thinking “I want an outdoor kitchen that has a grill, a fridge, a built-in trash can, deep cabinets, enough prep space, a PowerPort for blenders or other electronics, and a roof. There’s no way that exists.”

Well, you’d be wrong. Outdoor kitchens that include all those features do exist, and as we mentioned, they don’t require a contractor or a build of any kind. In addition, they come with adjustable cabinets and spice rack shelving.


6 - They Last

Outdoor kitchens are built to last. That is, if you find the right one. A weatherproof steel roof and food-grade stainless steel countertops are designed to hold up against the elements.

Make sure you find a kitchen with a warranty. The longer the warranty, the more confident the manufacturer is in the product. Backyard Discovery has a five-year warranty on all components of its outdoor kitchens, giving you peace of mind if anything does go wrong.



Make The Investment In An Outdoor Kitchen

When you start to think of an outdoor kitchen less like an expense and more like an investment, it opens up a world of possibilities for how you can use it.

Whether you want it for the ease and convenience of having everything in one place, the space to grill comfortably, to enhance your outdoor space and make entertaining easier, to be able to have more options during more seasons or all of the above, an outdoor kitchen is worth it.

Backyard Discovery has a first-of-its-kind Fusion Flame Outdoor Kitchen that has everything you need to grill outside with comfort, style and convenience. From its state-of-the-art grill and food-grade stainless steel to its mini fridge and vast counter space to its plethora of storage and steel roof, this kitchen has it all. 


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