How to Make Your Gazebo or Pergola Cozy in the Winter

Chances are your pergola or gazebo sees very little use during winter. While you may be used to retiring them once December rolls around, you can do plenty of things to help make your pergola or gazebo a lot cozier despite all the cold weather.

Adding some lights, a little heat, and a few quality curtains will allow you and your family to enjoy your pergola or gazebo year-round.

Add Lights

If you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere in your gazebo or pergola, adding lights is an easy way to do it. You can either add solar-powered lights or ones that plugin. Solar-powered lights are great because they don’t require wiring up to your house, but both can be fun if you use dimmable LED options. These allow you to change the color and intensity of the lights, helping you set a festive mood for the holidays or a more chill, cozy place for a quiet night alone or with family.


Add Heat

Fire pits are great for creating cozy spaces when it’s sweater weather. Chimineas are also great for this purpose because they can double as an outdoor oven, allowing you to cook on top of them. Having an outdoor oven is especially helpful if you have guests coming over that don’t want to walk through ice and snow to get their food. And while fire pits and chimineas bring the attractiveness of fire to your outdoor pergola or gazebo, an electric-outdoor heater can also keep you and your guests warm and toasty without requiring any maintenance.

Add Curtains

Heavy-duty outdoor curtains are a must if you want to keep your pergola or gazebo cozy in the winter. They act as makeshift walls that help block the cold winter wind and keep your pergola or gazebo nice and warm. They will also prevent dust from getting in and keep it closed off from outside elements like rain and snow. As long as your curtains are made from a weatherproof material, you’ll have no problem making the chillier months feel comfortable! 


Add a Roof (If You Have a Pergola)!

As a quick aside, don’t forget that if you want to enjoy your pergola this winter, no amount of lights, heating, or curtains will help if all that comfy heat instantly escapes through the top! Make sure that you have some form of coverage on top of your pergola to help trap in the heat and prevent rain, ice, and snow from coming inside while you’re away.

Instead of letting your gazebo or pergola be out of commission this winter, you can take these steps to help keep it cozy all year round.

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