How to Find a Gazebo That Lasts

Adding a gazebo to your yard or patio provides a covered area where you can set up an outdoor gathering space whether it be for grilling, entertaining or relaxing. This functional four or six-columned open structure with a roof takes your outdoor space to the next level and instantly increases your property value.

For those reasons, it’s important to find a gazebo that will last. There are several factors that go into choosing a long-lasting gazebo, including material and roof options that vary in durability and longevity.


Choose a Hard-Top Gazebo

When it comes to roofing options for your gazebo, there are generally two kinds: hard-top and soft-top. If you’re looking for a long-lasting gazebo that doesn’t have to be replaced frequently, a hard-top gazebo is the way to go.

Hard-top gazebos are just that: gazebos made of hard material, usually metal. Gazebos with metal roofs are meant to be left outdoors because they are resistant to elements such as rain and snow. Conversely, soft-top gazebos, typically made from fabrics or canvases such as polyester, won’t hold up against the elements. They’re meant to be temporary, and as such, you’ll want to take them down anytime there is potentially inclement weather, which is more work for you.

In addition, soft-top fabrics require more maintenance because they’re constantly getting dirty and beaten up. Eventually these structures will need to be replaced. With a hard-top metal roof, the only maintenance needed is an occasional rinse.




Focus on Steel Roofing

Now that you know metal is the preferred roofing option, the question then becomes, which metal should you choose?

Steel is a recommended roofing option for both strength and longevity. As one of the most dense and heavy metals, it is significantly stronger than metal competitors such as aluminum. Its strength allows it to hold heavy snow loads without bending, warping or collapsing.

To further give you peace-of-mind, look for roofs that have been tested for snow loads. Snow load testing is usually done on roofs that can withstand large amounts of snow as proof that the roof is durable. If you find a gazebo with a roof that hasn’t been tested, it might be a warning sign.


Go With Steel or a Sturdy Wood for the Frame

Now you know you want a hard-top roof made of steel. You’re on your way to having a long-lasting gazebo, but you still need a sturdy frame.

Metal: We’ve already told you about the strength benefits of steel, so let’s stay there for a minute. A steel-framed gazebo is a great option because of its durability. When properly anchored, a galvanized steel gazebo can withstand winds up to 100 mph, giving you peace of mind during extreme weather events. In addition, it’s also corrosion-resistant, making steel gazebos virtually maintenance-free. A simple wash of the frame and roof will keep it looking new.

Wood: If metal isn’t your style or doesn’t match your aesthetic, you can opt for the more traditional wooden gazebo look. If you decide to go that route, cedar is a great option. Not only does cedar look beautiful, but it is naturally rot-resistant and requires only a once-annual sealant to maintain. Like steel, cedar gazebos can also withstand winds up to 100 mph when anchored properly.


Find a Gazebo That Will Last

Finding a gazebo with weatherproof material and a durable roof can lead to years of enjoyment. A steel roof with a strong steel or cedar frame also means little maintenance for you, as steel is resistant to rust and cedar is resistant to rotting.

Are you ready to transform your backyard or patio? Start shopping for the ideal long-lasting gazebo today!


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