Fire Pit Inspiration for Under Your Gazebo or Pergola

One way to add both style and functionality to your gazebo or pergola is with a fire pit. Fire pits are a great centerpiece underneath your Backyard Discovery gazebo or pergola. Not only do they provide a chic addition, they create a natural gathering space for family and friends.

You may want a fire pit but are struggling with how to set it up. Here are just a few creative ways you can set up a fire pit under your gazebo or pergola, from professional tips to inspiration we’ve gathered from others just like you.

Add a Focal Point for Hosting Friends and Family

Putting a fire pit under your gazebo or pergola surrounded by various seating options creates a natural focal point for entertaining. Never will the saying “gather around the fire” be more true than when you have guests over. Your guests can enjoy the shade the gazebo or pergola provides during the day and the natural ambiance the fire pit provides at night. As an added bonus, most Backyard Discovery gazebos and pergolas come equipped with a PowerPort™, which is great for attaching patio lights for extra flare.

Safety tip: We recommend only using gas-powered fire pits under gazebos or pergolas that have a roof or canopy. Smoke from a wood-burning fire pit will be forced to go out instead of up if put under a structure with a roof, which could create a hazard. Alternatively, gas-powered fire pits do not emit smoke.


Emphasize the Views Your Space Provides

Perhaps your gazebo or pergola offers a great view of a certain aspect of your space. Maybe it’s water, a scenic overlook, or something else in your backyard. But arranging seating under the gazebo or pergola could be awkward if the seats all face the same direction. A fire pit removes the awkwardness and ties the seating together. Create an arrangement that allows you to be in front of the fire and enjoy the great views your space provides.


Create The Ultimate Campout

Fire pits set the perfect scene for a backyard campout. Set up your fire pit under the gazebo or pergola and enjoy the natural light it provides to gather around, roast marshmallows, and tell stories. Set up the tent nearby, and it’ll feel like you’re at a campground.

Safety tip: Be sure to put out the fire before going to sleep.


Pair With a Hot Tub for the Ultimate Zen

Why not make your gazebo or pergola your own personal spa? Start with a dip in the hot tub, then relax in an adirondack chair near the fire pit to stay warm. With a Backyard Discovery gazebo or pergola equipped with a PowerPort™, you can keep the hot tub running. And if you choose a gazebo, you can stay dry in the hot tub or by the fire even on rainy days or nights.

Safety tip: Keep the fire pit as close to the center of your pergola or gazebo and as far away from the posts as possible, especially if you have a cedar structure.


Build an Intimate Space Around a Cabana Pergola

If you have a smaller backyard or prefer a pergola with walls, you can arrange a smaller, more intimate space around a Backyard Discovery cabana pergola. Our cabana pergolas have two walls and are great for providing some privacy. Put the fire pit between a set of standalone or built-in seats and enjoy!

Safety tip: Make sure you measure the area around your fire pit to ensure you have enough space to safely install a pergola or gazebo.


Utilize More of Your Backyard

If you have a bigger backyard or an area that you consider “wasted space”, you could always create an additional seating area for your fire pit next to, but not under, your gazebo or pergola. Escape from the sun during the day or enjoy an evening meal under your gazebo or pergola, then retreat to the fire pit area once the sun goes down to keep the night going.

Safety tip: Always make sure your fire pit is set up at least 10 feet from your house.


Add to Your Gazebo or Pergola Space with a Fire Pit Today

As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas you can come up with for adding a fire pit under your gazebo or pergola. Maybe you’ve come up with one that we haven’t listed here. Great! Set it up, take a photo and tag us @backyarddiscovery on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you create.

If you don’t have a gazebo or pergola yet but are inspired by the ideas above, why not get started? Backyard Discovery has dozens of options for gazebos or pergolas, depending on the style you want and the size of your space. And did we mention some come with a PowerPort™The possibilities are endless, so start creating lasting memories today!


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