7 Creative Playhouse Ideas for Your Kids


A playhouse can open a world of possibilities for playtime. Young kids’ imaginations already run wild, and a playhouse can aid in that development.

There are already a variety of playhouse sizes and styles, but some parents take it upon themselves to do a playhouse makeover. Customizing playhouses to cater to your child’s interests or even to match your outdoor aesthetic raises the bar for creative inspiration.

Here are a few ideas you can customize your child’s playhouse:

1 - A Babe Cave

Forget the man cave. Make your kid’s playhouse their favorite spot by giving it a decorative makeover and including things they’ll like to make it a Babe Cave.


2 - A Shell Shack

Bring the ocean to your backyard with a beach-inspired makeover. Take advantage of the cool colors such as pinks and tans, and add some decorations inside. Your child will be instantly transported where the water meets the sand.


3 - A Holiday Vibe

Is your favorite holiday coming up? Or maybe your child’s? Get them in the spirit with a holiday-themed playhouse that adults and kids can enjoy as the big day approaches.


4 - An Outdoor Kitchen

Some playhouses come with features that help to enhance a child’s imagination during playtime, but why not add some outside influence? Some seating, storage, art and play food helped to turn this playhouse into a culinary concoction.


5 - A Seasonal Sensation

Feeling extra ambitious? Consider mimicking your in-home or front yard decor by decorating the playhouse seasonally. Refresh the decor as the weather changes and stay in-season all year-round. Similar to the holiday vibe, but without the pressure of specific deadlines.


6 - A Pup Palace

If you have dogs, and your kid likes playing with them, why not cater the playhouse to be dog-friendly too? Allowing the playhouse to be dog-friendly gives your child another reason to want to use the space, and it makes the pup happy too. A win-win!


7 - A Painting Refresh

Sometimes a new coat of paint is all it takes to make a playhouse go from looking worn to brand new. General wear and fading will happen with an outdoor playhouse, but fresh paint gives it a whole new look.


Add That Little Touch For A Big Effect

Some of these makeover ideas require more work than others, and we know time is valuable when you have little ones. But even the smallest tweak can have a huge impact on a child and create a lifetime memory.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing, remodeling or decorating a playhouse. You know your child best and what his or her interests are. The most important thing is to have fun with it, and it’ll surely be a memory they’ll take with them forever.

If you’re looking for a new playhouse, Backyard Discovery has a wide variety of outdoor wooden playhouses to choose from!


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