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Creating and designing your outdoor living space requires a lot of thought and planning. It is essential to select the right equipment to make it functional and practical space as well as attractive and stylish. Outdoor kitchens are an increasing part of that, with many people now wanting a true outdoor entertainment area and a unique setting in which they can dine with family and friends. 

In this article, we look at why you may want to consider installing an outdoor kitchen, and you’ll also find ideas for outdoor kitchen pergolas that will add something extra special to your backyard.

Why should you consider an outdoor kitchen in your backyard

Outdoor kitchens are a convenient and attractive way of cooking the perfect outdoor meal for your family and guests. You can grab all the meat and veggies you want to grill, and simply have a feast without having to go back and forth to your indoor kitchen - so you won’t miss out on the social aspect of entertaining. Outdoor kitchens allow you to customize your backyard and turn it into something completely unique that everyone can enjoy.

On a practical level, having an outdoor kitchen also offers more usable and open space. If you have a party or multiple guests over for dinner, you won’t have to worry about not having enough room, as you’ll have all the extra space you need. 

Outdoor kitchen spaces are also easier to clean! You won’t  have to worry about spills or stains on the carpet, rugs or precious furniture since any messes can easily be washed away.

Outdoor kitchen pergola ideas

Installing an outdoor kitchen pergola offers quite a few benefits such as;  versatility, shade and additional privacy. Here are some outdoor kitchen pergola ideas:

1. A simple outdoor kitchen pergola

Attaching your pergola to the exterior of your home is one of the easiest ways to build and style an outdoor kitchen. Pergolas will also protect any appliances located outside. A convenient backyard kitchen works really well for small backyards allowing you to maximize and increase your living space. 

2. The patio kitchen pergola

Rather than attaching your pergola to your house, a free-standing pergola gives your patio a unique style and increases shade.  This is especially helpful if you’re the chef cooking outdoors.

3. Consider dark-colored pergolas

Choosing on-trend dark colors, such as black or blue adds a sleek and modern style to your outdoor kitchen setting. To keep it casual you can grow vines and other plants around your pergola to create a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

4. Marbled it up

Marbled furniture and kitchen tops allow you to create a stylish and modern outdoor kitchen. Paired with a beautifully-designed pergola makes for a uniquely elegant outdoor dining experience.

5. Outdoor kitchens with bars

You can optimize your outdoor kitchen by adding a bar, complete with bar stools and tiles. This provides a fantastic entertainment space, from barbecues to cocktail parties. The addition of a television is also a great idea for sports fans.

Cooking Alfresco: our 7 favorite features for outdoor cooking

1. Electricity for your pergola

A pergola over your grill area is a great way of providing shade as well as style, and an outdoor kitchen pergola that comes complete with electricity takes it to another level. Not only can you then fit kitchen appliances but you could also have an outdoor TV or entertainment system.

2. Frames for your grill

If you have the space, framing your grill or installing a grill island is not only a great look, but it’s also very convenient for the pit master (or pit mistress).  By creating more space for food prep and cookware you will limit your trips inside the house.

3. The best cooktop surfaces to use outdoors

The three best cooktop surfaces to use in your outdoor kitchen are smooth top, induction and gas. Smooth tops are electric and look sleek and modern while being a cost effective option. Induction cooktops are very easy to clean and use magnetic coils below a ceramic glass surface to generate heat but cool down immediately once powered off. This is a safe option if you have young children or pets.  If you prefer to cook using gas cooktops they will never lose power and can change temperatures quickly to increase menu options. 

4. Pizza oven

A pizza oven is definitely a must-have in your outdoor kitchen. Perfect for any season, home-made pizza is quick, easy to make and is always a winner when you’re hanging out with family and friends. 

5. Dishwasher

An outdoor dishwasher may not seem necessary but can be extremely useful if you regularly host outdoor gatherings. Especially convenient if you have a dedicated set of dinnerware only used for your outdoor kitchen. 

6. Wine fridge

This is a must-have for those who love entertaining or simply relaxing outdoors. Having a wine fridge in your outdoor kitchen eliminates the hassle of having to run inside every time someone needs a refill or you want to open a new bottle.

7. An ice maker

If you live in a warmer climate you might consider an ice maker to be a crucial part of your outdoor kitchen. Ice is a quick, easy and convenient way to keep cool, and is great for large gatherings and summer parties.

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