5 Creative Outdoor Kitchen Ideas


If you’ve recently purchased an outdoor kitchen, you’re probably excited to get started. You can’t wait to be outside cooking, showing off the new addition to your outdoor space to friends and family. 

Guess what: we’re excited for you! Here are a few simple outdoor kitchen ideas to help inspire you to get outside and take advantage of your new toy.

backyard dinner party

A Backyard Dinner Party

Having friends or family over? With an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare the meal from start to finish without having to leave the party. Keep your chilled ingredients cold in the fridge while you prep on the countertops. Then fire up the grill and cook the meat and veggies, all while keeping the conversation going and playing host.

When the meal is ready, grab plates, silverware and napkins from the cabinets and set up at the outdoor table. Dining outdoors is always better under a pergola or gazebo, so if you have one, placing your outdoor kitchen nearby allows you to prep and cook just steps from the table.


A Poolside Bar

If you have a pool in your outdoor space, what better way to enhance it than with a kitchen right on the pool deck. Having the kitchen poolside allows you to get drinks for yourself or your guests on a hot day without having to go inside. Most outdoor kitchens are equipped with an outdoor-rated refrigerator, giving you all the space you need to keep drinks cool just feet from the water.

You can also make a cocktail or mocktail, instantly making you the coolest bartender on the block. Use the countertops to prep any garnishes, then throw all the ingredients together and use a PowerPort™ to fire up the blender or mixer.


A Kid’s Birthday Party

Tired of finding a space for your kids to celebrate birthdays with friends? With an outdoor kitchen, you can be the host!

An outdoor kitchen allows you to not only host the party in your own backyard, but allows you to have control over the meal too. Use the grill to cook some burgers or hot dogs, use the vast countertop space to put together a salad or appetizer, and store some kid-friendly drinks in the fridge. When they’re done eating, you even have a trash bin built in to make clean-up easy.

Of course the best part is you can do all this outside, so you can keep an eye on the kids and prepare your meal at the same time!


Date Night Al Fresco

Looking to change up the dinner routine? Use a turn-key gourmet kitchen for a special evening dining al fresco. Whether you just want to get out and enjoy the weather or need a break from the kids, an outdoor kitchen lets you do the whole meal in a place where you can truly enjoy it.

An outdoor kitchen allows for plenty of space for the two of you to prepare and cook the meal together if you want, or you can treat your partner to a romantic evening outdoors while you cook. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor as the sun sets. 


A Fireside Paradise

With an outdoor kitchen, the sun going down doesn’t signal the end of the party. Get the fire pit going, perhaps under a pergola or gazebo, and enjoy the moonlight with friends, family or that special someone. Use a PowerPort™ to string some lights under the roof of your kitchen and whip up a post-dinner snack, bust out the blender for a beverage or turn to the fridge for a cold drink.

In addition to lights, use the PowerPort™ to plug in a speaker and enjoy the tunes or include some fun lights to set the mood.



Get Started With Your Outdoor Kitchen Today

An outdoor kitchen is an exciting investment, as it gives you the opportunity to cook outside in any weather, as well as give you the space you desire to create those memorable outdoor experiences over food.

The Fusion Flame Outdoor Kitchen from Backyard Discovery is a great choice for helping make the above ideas come to life. With a five-burner built-in propane grill, plenty of countertop space, an outdoor-rated refrigerator, a plethora of storage space, a weatherproof galvanized steel roof and a hidden trash bin, this kitchen is perfect for any outdoor activity you’re planning. Invite your friends and family over for a dinner party, bring the neighbors over for a BBQ, be parent of the year by hosting a birthday celebration or simply whip up a gourmet meal for a loved one.

If you haven’t ordered it yet, transform your outdoor space with a Fusion Flame Outdoor Kitchen today!


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