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When you make the decision to buy a swing set for your backyard, you open up your home to a world of high quality fun for your family. After bringing it home and setting it up, it’s important to know what kind of swing set maintenance is needed to sustain the original premium condition in which you purchased it.


You should plan swing set maintenance at the beginning of the play season, and once a month thereafter. If your swing set sits unused during the winter months, safety checks do not need to be done as frequently as the warmer summer and spring months when your kids will more likely be using it.


Swing set maintenance starts with a quick inspection. Look closely at it and make sure everything looks like it did when the set was first installed. If anything looks out of place, fix it immediately, whether it’s a piece of wood that needs sanding or a sharp edge that needs repairing.


After a visual inspection of the swing set, prepare for the tools you might need to make swing set maintenance a breeze. Using a screwdriver, tighten all the hardware and make sure protective coverings are in place.


Make sure all the wood is sanded, sealed and splinter-free. All metal and moving parts should be oiled and rust-free to minimize damage over time.


Sometimes, swing set maintenance requires more than a simple fix. If there is something you can’t repair, you may need to order replacement parts. Always double check to see what is covered under a warranty. If something doesn't seem right, contact the manufacturer to help troubleshoot the issue.


Be mindful of the climate in which you are keeping your swing set. Cold temperatures may require certain parts to removed or not used until the weather improves. On the other hand, warmer seasons also require their own kind of swing set maintenance. Beware of rust and sun damage during the hotter, rainier times of year.


Loose filling materials like mulch, wood chips, or sand need to be leveled and raked to ensure safety and the stability of the structure. Frequently check the amount of materials on the ground to prevent compacting and maintain a safe depth for your children to play on.


If you need more information about how to maintain and repair your swing set, use the resources available to you. From the manufacturer’s handbook to online discussion boards, there are many ways to find more swing set maintenance information.

With proper swing set maintenance and care, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your swing set is safe and sturdy. And, you’ll help ensure that your swing will be a long-lasting source of fun for your family.

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