SpillCatcher Drip Mat - Large 48" x 96"
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SpillCatcher Drip Mat - Large 48" x 96"

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SpillCatcher Drip Mat - Large 48" x 96"
from our Backyard Adventures Collection

Our new rubberized shop floor protectors are thermoformed to the perfect shape and size to keep your garage / shop floor clean. We tested the material using common automotive and aviation fluids including oil, fuel, solvents, and other harsh chemicals. The material withstood them all!

The raised edge contains spills so they can be cleaned but the flexible material allows vehicles to be rolled across the mats without damage to the mat or the vehicle. The material is “sticky” enough that the mat resists sliding on the floor and light-weight enough to me moved easily from one maintenance area to another.

These mats are available in several sizes from 24" x 24" all the way up to 48" x 96" with several sizes in-between. The smaller sizes are perfect for motorcycles and yard equipment. The larger sizes are great for automotive, off-road, golf and aviation uses. Textured finish with diamond-plate pattern stays nice looking over time. Performance is not affected by low temperatures.

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