Mountaineer Explorer 3
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Explorer Series

Mountaineer Explorer 3

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Explorer Series

Mountaineer Explorer 3
from our Backyard Adventures Collection
The Mountaineer series design ensures maximum value and space for your family with a large 5' x 5' deck size. The base fort comes standard with a full sized rock wall, tire swivel swing, accessory arm with trapeze bar, and an accessory arm with rope ladder. As shown here, you can customize this playset further with a four position swing beam, gang plank and rocket slide to supercharge your family fun. Visit your local dealer who can help you create the perfect Mountaineer play system for your explorers.

Accessories shown

10' Rocket Slide
3 Belt Swings
4 Position 8' Swing Beam
5' Rock Wall
Accessory Arm with Rope Ladder
Explorer Gang Plank
Infant Swing
Tire Swivel Swing


This Mountaineer really gets wild with a gang plank next to the 10' rocket slide. Considering all the standard items such as the rope ladder, tire swivel swing and solid rock wall, this set is big, strong, and loads of fun.

Play set shown with:

Standard Features:

  • Tire Swivel Swing  
  • Accessory Arm with Rope Ladder  
  • 5' Rock Wall

Options Shown:

  • 4 Position 8' Swing Beam  
  • 3 Belt Swings  
  • Infant Swing  
  • 10' Rocket Slide  
  • Explorer Gang Plank

 Dimensions:  12' 5" wide x 27' 1" deep x 11' 4" high

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