Montana Wooden Swing Set
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Montana Wooden Swing Set

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Montana Wooden Swing Set
from our Backyard Adventures Collection

The Montana is an enormous outdoor playset with twin forts! The forts have two levels, end gables, and canopy roof panels for the ultimate durability. The lower play area has room for a sand box and a railing around two sides. The forts are connected with a "sky tunnel" that has a crow's nest on one end. One fort has the swing beam extending out the back side plus an 8' and 10' slide. You can get up on the deck of each fort using the standard ladder that comes with each one. The swing beam is heavy duty and has our heavy duty swing hangers that hold two belt swings plus a two-person glider.


For extra fun the Montana includes two swing set accessories: a telescope (no magnification) and a sporty steering wheel. The Montana wooden swing set is made from 100% cedar and has it's 4x4 posts covered in plastic for long life. The unit is modular so you can even add MORE components to it over time including different swings, another slide or two, and even another fort! It's like having your own playtime "city" in your backyard. The whole neighborhood will love your new Montana playset, er.... play city, er.... play galaxy!


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