Kings Peak Wooden Swing Set
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Kings Peak Wooden Swing Set

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Kings Peak Wooden Swing Set
from our Backyard Adventures Collection

Majestic and sprawling, just like its namesake in Utah, the Kings Peak swing set exudes fun to every aspiring mountain climber. Twin 5’ tall decks covered by peaked wooden roofs reach high in the sky and connect by a sun bridge with its own telescope and steering wheel. With plenty of space up top or in the bottom sand boxes to make camp for the day, two at a time can hike up the either step ladder while others tackle the rock climbing wall, monkey bars and breeze back down to the belt swings on the 10’ rocket slide. So is it just a swing set or a mountain range to be scaled and conquered? We’ll let you decide.

All Odyssey swing sets can be expanded to grow with your family. You can add an additional swing beam, different types of swings, and even another tower with clubhouse, wave slides and a turbo slide. Every premade set and accessory is made from 100% cedar with extra heavy posts, powder-coated brackets for extra strength, and our Safe-T-Fuse hardware for secure fastening. The wood is pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-stained for ease of assembly and everything you see is included!


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