Flagstone Peak Wooden Swing Set
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Flagstone Peak Wooden Swing Set

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Flagstone Peak Wooden Swing Set
from our Backyard Adventures Collection

The Flagstone Peak swing set is heavy duty and offers play fun that is just like mountaineering on its namesake peak in Wyoming. Made from Backyard Odyssey modular components, the Flagstone Peak starts with Tower 1 which has metal support brackets, a 5' high deck, and a wood roof. Down below is the colorful bouncy tube with sunlight portholes.

The swing beam is heavy duty and has two widely-spaced belt swings. On the other side of the fort are the challenging monkey bars. And the 10' speedy slide makes for a safe but brisk run to the bottom. This set also includes a cool steering wheel!

This swingset can be expanded to grow with your family! You can add another swing beam, different swings, and even another tower with clubhouse, slides and a turbo slide!


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