Sheds 10'x12' Vinyl Siding Summit Shed
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10'x12' Vinyl Siding Summit Shed

from our Backyard Adventures Collection

This 10' x 12' Vinyl sided shed is delivered to your home and installed by our professional team, ensuring your new shed is assembled to your liking. Made from maintenance-free vinyl, the siding is super durable and performs well in all environments. Its pre-primed surface and composite trim is ready for you to paint with the latex paint of your choice. This attractive shed comes with either a cottage-style roof or a barn-style roof and your choice of 3 shingle colors: black, brown or light grey. The 40" double door provides convenient access to your lawn mower, snow blower and other yard equipment, and the 2 windows allow for ventilation and natural light. A variety of additional customized storage options, including ramp options and larger doors are available upon request.


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10'x12' Vinyl Siding Summit Shed
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