FAQ - Backyard Adventures
Q: We have a small backyard, do you have anything that will fit?
A: Yes, we do! Check out our Space Savers Series of sets designed to fit in almost any yard and still leave room for the recommended surrounding "safe area". Visit your local Backyard Adventures Dealer to learn about the ultimate space-saving flexibility of our compact play sets and accessories.
Q: I run a day care. Can I have one of your sets installed there?
A: Our Limited Warranties apply to playsets purchased for and/or used in a RESIDENTIAL SETTING ONLY. Playsets purchased for and/or used in NON-RESIDENTIAL or MULTI-FAMILY settings are covered by a Limited One Year Warranty ONLY. Most child care standards suggest that child care centers use CPSC Guidelines for requirements on playground construction and maintenance.
Q: How should I maintain my playset?
A: In order for your full warranty to remain intact, you must treat your wood product annually with a stain or wood sealant. In addition to applying a fresh coat of stain or sealant, we suggest you check bolt tightness and all hardware periodically to ensure everything is in proper order. For the stain maintenance treatment, we used a water-based treatment when we made the products and, for your convenience, you can purchase this same BA stain by the gallon at any of our retail locations. Prior to applying a new coat of stain, it’s ideal to pressure wash your set and allow it to dry thoroughly. Then, inspect your set for any rough, peeling or splintering spots and hand sand them until smooth. Make sure you tape off any metal or plastic parts, or take the necessary steps to remove them before you begin staining. Brushing or “ragging” on the stain allows it to absorb more evenly than spraying. Be sure to read the instructions on the can of stain before starting; you don’t want to stain if rain is in the forecast anytime soon, or if it’s too hot or cold outside. If you prefer a professional help you maintain and reapply the stain, please contact your local dealer and ask them about their maintenance program.
Q: What are the thick timbers on my fort and swing beam made of?
A: All Backyard Adventures swing sets are made from 100% cedar. Backyard Adventures uses engineered beams for major structural components providing additional strength and durability. Engineered beams experience less checking and warping than tradition timbers, and are built just like those used in many commercial and residential construction projects. Our timbers are fully tested for outdoor use and most come standard with a life-time warranty.
Q: Many of your competitors include monkey bars above the swings on their swing sets. Why can’t I buy a set like this from Backyard Adventures?
A: This is for your children's safety! Due to a revision in 2009 to ASTM standard F1148, Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Home Playground Equipment, reflects the purpose of the standard, which is to reduce the likelihood of life-threatening or debilitating injuries. The revised version of F1148 no longer allows home playground sets designed with swings that attach to an upper body component (such as “monkey bars”).
Q: Does my yard need to be level in order to have a Backyard Adventures playset installed?
A: Ideally, yes. The flatter the area in which you plan on installing your playset, the better. However, we do make adjustable height swing beams, monkey bars and Peak series forts that are designed to fit the unique contours of your landscape. Please contact your local dealer if you have any concerns about how unlevel your yard might be.
Q: How should I prepare my yard prior to the professional installation of my new Backyard Adventures playset?
A: For the most seamless and efficient installation, please mark the area in which you want the play set installed prior to your installer's arrival. You can use easy-to-see landscaping flags or your water hose. Don’t forget to allow an additional 6’ parameter around the playset as a safety area. Lastly, please mark any sprinklers in the area, as well as pick up any toys and animal droppings within the installation area.
Q: My slide seems to get extremely hot during the summer. Is there anything we can do?
A: This most often happens with our green slides. Unfortunately, the green slides tend to absorb heat while the yellow slides reflect most of the heat. If at all possible, install your set where the slide will be shaded during the heat of the day.
Q: My slide seems to have a lot of static and has lost some of its speed. How can I revive it?
A: To mitigate static issues, wipe down your slide with a dryer sheet or spray it thoroughly with Pledge. To increase speed, apply a healthy coat of Armor-All, or the equivalent. Just make sure you wipe the slide down well after these treatments.
Q: I’ve noticed cracks on my playset. Is this normal?
A: Maybe. Wood is a natural product and all wood has its own characteristics, so natural variations in grain, color, checking and defects are to be expected. A "check" is a long crack that appears as the sap wood of a timber shrinks around the heart wood over time. Checking is typically not a structural problem, and usually occurs on only one or two sides of a beam. However, if you notice any blatant cracks large enough to fit a quarter inside, this may indicate a more serious structural problem and you should contact your local dealer to discuss a replacement. Please keep in mind, if you are the original owner, these parts will more than likely be covered under warranty.
Q: Where is Backyard Adventures based?
A: Our corporate offices are in Pittsburg, KS, about 20 miles NW of Joplin, MO where we also have R&D, Customer Service, Order Fulfillment, and Distribution. We also have design and minor manufacturing facilities in Siloam Springs, AR, as well as a major distribution center in Kansas City, MO. Our major manufacturing facilities are located in China.
Q: How long has Backyard Adventures been in business?
A: We have been manufacturing play sets for over 20 years. In 2007, we merged with another large swing set manufacturer, Adventure Play Sets of Amarillo, TX. This made us the largest play set manufacturer in the US. We have been selling our sets to large retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sam's, and Toys-R-Us for many years. We also manufacture a line of high-end specialty play sets branded Backyard Adventures. These sets are modular and can be configured to your specifications and are sold through a nationwide dealer network.
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