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Backyard Discovery

Big Swing Set Project

The project is about raising awareness for kids' health and the benefits of kids playing outdoors instead of indoors on video games or phones. In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters Broward (FL), we are going to assemble 50 swing sets and connect them so together they create the world's longest residential swing set. Twenty-six BBBS families will be identified and each of the swing sets will be donated to a family at the end of the event. Volunteer teams from businesses in the area will assist with the assembly of the sets and then each team will deliver and set up the sets at the recipient family homes. The remaining 24 sets will be donated to local charities so that other families in the area get the opportunity for kids to play outside. The event, including a time-lapse of the set up, will be documented in a professionally produced video.

The event will take place at Markham Park in western Broward County, FL the last week of April 2016. There will be three set-up days and the event will take place on Saturday, April 30. The day of the event, kids from the recipient families will be on site to see the swingsets and play with the teams and big brothers and big sisters. Each swing set will have a puzzle plaque on it with the name of the family for whom the set was made. All participants will get t-shirts and lunch at the event. Other notes. 1) Nothing is being done that is outside the design specification or intentional use for the swingsets. 2) While Backyard Discovery and BBBS BC are the primary sponsors of the event, there are many other organizations and companies in the area that will be sponsoring the event.