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In summer, it’s only natural that we spend a lot of time outdoors, really going the Whole Fine Yards when it comes to enjoying our backyards. 

This has been more important than ever over the last few months, with a study carried out by the International Casual Furnishings Association declaring 2021 the “Year of the Yard.” However, despite this, around 88% of Americans are dissatisfied with their outdoor space. This is something we really don’t want to hear as outdoor enthusiasts—which is why we’ve compiled our top 10 tips for creating your own backyard oasis! 


10 ways to create a backyard oasis

1. Protect your backyard against pests

Annoying mosquitos and meddling mice can be a cause for concern in any outdoor area. Before you start to create your ultimate oasis, it’s a good idea to rid yourself of any unwanted visitors and take some precautionary measures to save your space from invasion. We recommend setting some traps where necessary, spraying any pesticides outside of the main pollination season and incorporating some citronella scents (candles are a great option) into your outdoors. 

2. Prioritize your privacy

You can’t truly relax unless you have complete privacy. By opting for stylish privacy screens or fast-growing shrubbery, you’ll be able to unwind without any nosey neighbors bothering you. If you’re looking to add instant privacy around a hot tub or seating area, investing in a high-quality cabana pergola might be your best and quickest option.

3. Keep the kids happy

Keeping the little ones occupied is no easy feat. However, by adding a swingset or playhouse to your outdoor space, you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye and relax in perfect peace of mind while the kids have the time of their lives. 

4. Opt for premium, weatherproof materials

While cheap outdoor furniture can often be tempting, you might live to regret the decision when it collapses after one windy week, or begins to rust at the first sign of rain. When shopping for outdoor additions to add to your oasis, choose treated timber and other weatherproof options—such as galvanised steel. Ultimately, it’s best to shop for your kind of climate and make sure you maintain any wooden structures so they last longer.

5. Create a conversation space

A signature staple for any outdoor oasis is a spot for both meaningful moments and a space to shoot the breeze with a buddy. A conversation space will usually require a level surface, such as a patio or deck, along with some seriously snug seating options. It’s also a good idea to ensure your conversation space can be enjoyed whatever the weather, which is why we recommend covering it with a pergola or gazebo for adequate protection from both the rain and the rays.  

6. Invest in the essentials 

Have you ever been to a cookout and had to sit on the rickety old chair that no one else wanted? Or maybe you’ve been left waiting hours for your burger because the grill wouldn’t fire up? Don’t do this to your own dinner guests. Invest in your outdoor essentials, such as seating, tables, and cooking appliances, so your backyard oasis is a calm, comfortable space. 

7. Plan out your planting 

It wouldn’t be an oasis without some gorgeous greenery now, would it? Depending on your own signature style, you can plan out your planting around the theme of your oasis. For a tropical corner of cocktails and conversation, we suggest adding banana leaf plants or anything from the musaceae family, along with palms and flowers with beautiful bright colors. For a more modern, minimalist affair, you might prefer reed grasses and boxy shrubs contained within planters. 

8. Add ambient lighting

A garden without lighting is like a living room without a couch. An important aspect of designing your oasis is to appeal to the senses and create a relaxing atmosphere, both of which can be achieved through ambient outdoor lighting. It’s also a great opportunity to save on bills and be kinder to the planet in terms of solar powered backyard lighting. Other ideas for appealing to the senses could also include a water feature and candles or tiki torches. 

9. Bring a pop of personality 

It wouldn’t be your space without adding a little bit of you. Whether your thing is fine art, bold colors, shooting hoops, or flowing draperies, there are so many ways to incorporate an element of “you” into your backyard oasis. 

10. If you don’t have a backyard bring it to the front! 

If you’re stuck for space or are limited to a balcony or porch, there are great ways that you can create a mini outdoor oasis. Get some potted or hanging plants, comfortable collapsible loungers, and of course the trusted porch swing

Feeling inspired? We hope this allows you to #rediscoveryourbackyard and create a sacred space just for you to enjoy.

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