Pergola FAQ

What is the difference between a gazebo and a pergola?

A pergola and a gazebo are both charming outdoor structures, but they serve different purposes. A pergola typically features an open-roof design with slatted beams and provides partial shade, making it perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces with a touch of elegance while allowing sunlight to filter through. On the other hand, a gazebo boasts a complete roof and often has enclosed sides, offering more protection from the elements. Gazebos create cozy outdoor spaces for relaxation, dining, and entertaining while providing full coverage from sun, rain, and wind. Both structures add beauty and functionality to your outdoor area, and the choice between them depends on your preferences for shade, openness, and protection.

What is the best material for a pergola?

Backyard Discovery offers a variety of pergola styles made from either wood or rust-resistant steel. Your choice depends on the desired style, maintenance preference and shade. Our wood pergolas provide a classic and natural aesthic while our rust-resistant metal pergoals create a more comptemporary look with an option to fully close louvers for complete water proof shade. Our dedicated consumer service specialists will be happy to assist you in your decision-feel free to call them at 800-856-4445 or Live Chat!

How do you install a pergola?

Our pergolas come ready-to-assemble with everything pre-cut and pre-drilled which makes assembly simple if you closely follow the directions and organize well up front. Every product is supported by BILT®, an app that delivers 3D interactive instructions. The use of standard tools, up front organization of all the parts, and careful attention to each step will contribute to a smoother and quicker assembly experience. Correctly anchoring our pergola is an important part of the wind rating. Backyard Discovery gives step by step instructions on how to anchor the pergola in the instruction manual as well as how to pour footers, if needed, for your selected pergola. Last, we have consumer service technicians that are skilled at diagnosing and remediating any issues that are just a call away at 800-856-4445.

What is a pergola used for?

Pergolas provide an aesthetically pleasing structure which provides a focal point and creates a defined space for relaxation, dining, or entertaining. With their unique design, they can serve as decorative elements, support climbing plants, and create a pleasant transition between indoor and outdoor areas.While a pergola offers some shade, more importantly it transforms outdoor spaces into inviting areas.

How do you stain a pergola?

To stain a pergola, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Preparation: Clean the wood surface thoroughly to remove dirt and debris.
  2. 2. Sand: Lightly sand the wood to ensure an even stain application.
  3. 3. Choose Stain: Select an outdoor wood stain suitable for your pergola and climate conditions.
  4. 4. Application: Apply the stain using a brush, roller, or sprayer, following the manufacturer's instructions.
  5. 5. Even Coating: Ensure a consistent and even coating across all surfaces.
  6. 6. Drying: Allow the stain to dry as per the manufacturer's recommendations.
  7. 7. Weatherproofing: Consider applying a weatherproof sealant on top of the stain to enhance protection.
Regular maintenance is essential to keep your pergola looking great and to protect it from the elements. Consult the stain manufacturer's guidelines and local weather conditions for the best timing and approach. Feel free to contact our customer support team at 800-856-4445 should you have any questions. Our dedicated specialists will be happy to assist you in picking out the best maintenance care for your pergola.

Does a pergola provide shade?

Yes, pergolas provide shade, making them a versatile addition to your outdoor living area. They offer a combination of sunlight filtering through the open-roof structure and a comfortable amount of shade. You may chose an open concept wood or metal pergola, create light filtering shade by adding a soft sail shade or have the option to customize the incoming light with one of our louvered pergolas.

How long do pergolas last?

The lifespan of a pergola depends on the material and maintenance. A well-maintained wood pergola can last on average up to 12 years, while some can endure a lifetime with proper care. Metal pergolas, such as ours at Backyard Discovery, are constructed from galvanized steel that is powder coated resulting in a maintenance-free, rust and corrosion barrier that will last for decades.

Can Backyard Discovery pergolas withstand wind?

Yes, Backyard Discovery pergolas are designed and tested to withstand various weather conditions, including powerful winds. These pergolas are PRO-TECT™ tested and proven, meaning they are built and tested to withstand the elements, including winds of up to 100 mph if anchored properly. With the PRO-TECT™ testing and proof, you can have confidence that your Backyard Discovery pergola will provide a durable and reliable outdoor structure.

Do you have solar panels that can attach to this pergola?

Backyard Discovery does not currently offer solar panels for our pergolas but our customer service team would be happy to assit you with any questions you may have regarding this matter. 800-856-4445.

Will this unit support a porch swing?

Your safety is our top priority. While we do not recommend adding a porch swing directly to any of our pergolas. However, Backyard Discovery does offer our Callahan Pergola Swing that may the right fit for you and be a nice complitment your other Backyard Discovery pergoal. Feel free to call our consumer specialist team at 800-856-4445 or live chat with them to see your options.

Can we put a roof on top of the pergola?

With multiple options in outdoor structures Backyard Discovery is sure to find you the perfect fit. While we do not recommend modifying our ready to assmble kits as it will void our 5 year limited warranty, we are sure to accommodate your preferences. You may be interested in a lovered pergola that gives you the option to completely close the loveres for full coverage shade. Give our dedicated customer service team a call at 800-856-4445 to help.

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