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Fun Times in Your Wood Playhouse

We took our young son, Liam, to his friend Emma’s today. While she does not have a swing set, like Liam, she does have a wood playhouse. What a magical afternoon the kids had! As far as Emma is concerned, her wood playhouse is her own personal space - her “special” area that she can think of as her own territory. Indeed, as the name suggests, it is a place where she can play house. Mommy and daddy have a house - Emma has her house too, that just happens to be out in her parents’ back garden. It is...

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Photo Opportunities on Your Wood Swing Sets

As a parent, I treasure the photos I have that depict my son growing up. This generation is so lucky. Nearly everybody has access to a digital camera on their phone, with photography enthusiasts being able to buy comparatively inexpensive high-quality digital photographic equipment. The current generation of kids must be the most photographed ever, and they will certainly have many vivid memories permanently recorded, which they will be able to regularly relive as they age. If you are lucky enough to have a wood swing set in your backyard, you have an amazing backdrop for action pictures of your...

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How to Build a Swing Set That is Safe and Fun for Your Kids

Although many people opt to pay extra to have professionals assemble their swing set, most of our swing sets can be assembled at home by someone with a do-it-yourself mentality who has basic technical skills. Each set in the range comes with its own set of assembly instructions. However, this article is a general overview as to how to build a swing set, in such a way that you can feel completely at ease with your kids using the finished product. Now, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of taking a thorough look at the detailed instruction book that comes...

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