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Join Your Kids in Their Wooden Playground

 You’ve just bought the kids a wooden playground. You're sure that they’ll love it, and that it will give them hours and hours of entertainment. You can relax now, right, put your feet up and let the kids loose while you have a cup of coffee? Whoa! Hold on there. It’s not quite that simple. Alright, if you’re a parent I don’t need to tell you how romantically naive that idea is. A parent’s life is never quiet. Depending on your kids’ ages, there are few times that you can simply relax for long without a “Mom, help me with...

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9 Safety Tips for Your Swing Set Kits

Now I know a lot of people turn off when they see the term “safety”. That’s why some airlines turn their air safety videos into mini feature films. But when it comes to your kids, safety is of paramount importance. We can’t help but worry about our kids, and feel their pain whenever they have an accident. So it’s inevitable, that when you decide to buy a swing set kit for your kids, you are going to want to ensure that everything is put together safely and that the kids continue to use the swing set kit as safely as...

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What are the Key Swing Set Parts to Give Your Kids Fun?

What are the key swing set parts to give your kids fun? As a parent or grandparent, you can’t help but look back and compare how things are for the modern child with when you were young. I know that I was guilty of this when I thought about buying a swing set for my son recently.  I kept remembering the items of playground equipment that I had fun on when I was young and assumed that the current generation would also like them. Of course, the world has changed since my childhood. These kids consider me positively ancient. For...

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