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From Infant Swings to Forts - Get All Your Kids Outdoors

I remember when I was a young lad, all of those summer days we spent outside playing. My family did not even buy a television until I was six, so they certainly couldn’t use it as a babysitter for me. Alas. I grew up on a very steep section where it would have been impossible to install a full swing set like you can have now. However, my parents still managed to buy a swing which perched rather precariously on our sloping back lawn. I spent many a happy day swinging out and back in again (with a magnificent view in my case)....

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How to Maintain Your Wooden Playset

You just got yourself a new playset. You’ve assembled it and are now admiring it before you let the kids loose on it. It certainly is colorful and looks appealing! However, even the best wooden playset will start to lose its brightness and vitality without maintenance. Just like your house, deck and other wooden structures, a wooden playset needs tender loving care to keep it at its best. I have already discussed the importance of locating your swing set on a soft level surface. Your set is, of course, quite heavy, so over time, it will slowly dig its way...

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Fun Times in Your Wood Playhouse

We took our young son, Liam, to his friend Emma’s today. While she does not have a swing set, like Liam, she does have a wood playhouse. What a magical afternoon the kids had! As far as Emma is concerned, her wood playhouse is her own personal space - her “special” area that she can think of as her own territory. Indeed, as the name suggests, it is a place where she can play house. Mommy and daddy have a house - Emma has her house too, that just happens to be out in her parents’ back garden. It is...

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