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We built the longest swing set in the world for our favorite charity.

Do swings and slides really ever get old? For kids, there aren’t many things that can replace the gleeful feeling of seeing that big shining fortress in the distant playground and then racing to nab the best swing. For adults, the happiness from watching their children’s imaginations come alive, playing games of Guard-the-Castle and House while sliding down back into their arms, is an irreplaceable feeling. This week Backyard Discovery and Big Brothers Big Sisters joined forces to deliver that joyous tradition of the playground set to dozens of families, while breaking a world record in the process.  CLICK PLAY...

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What Would Be Your Ultimate Kids Swing Set?

I’ve written recently about how I grew up with a single swing to play on in my backyard. I have also written about the joy my young son, Liam, has experienced because we bought him the Oceanview Swing Set. There are times, though, when I do dream about what would be the ultimate kids swing set. If there were no limitations of budget and space, which kids swing set would I love to buy for Liam? Looking through the selection of Backyard Discovery and Backyard Odyssey swing sets available I see that there are a few swing sets that dwarf...

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What is Essential for Your Kids to Have Fun with Their Play Sets?

Perhaps you’ve been looking at promotion or websites for outdoor play sets recently, wondering if your kids would enjoy them. I know how you feel. I went through the same thought process last year when I contemplated buying a play set for my son, Liam. Of course, I have the benefit of hindsight now.  I have seen his moments of glee, experienced his joy, heard his squeals of laughter. He certainly has fun with the play set I did buy him! Every child is, of course, different. I was a bookish nerd as a kid, who rarely ventured outside if...

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