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Fun Accessories You Can Add to Your Wooden Swing Sets

While you may think that wooden swing sets are for, well, swinging, they can be much more than that. My young son loves his swing set, and there are times that he enjoys swooping high and low on the swings. But to Liam, the swing set is much more than a place where he can have a swing. To Liam, the swing set is the center of his universe, where only his imagination can limit his daily activities. Wooden swing sets can be pirate ships one day, and high-performance racing tracks on another. They can be mazes for hide and...

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Stories Around the Picnic Table

As we march through Spring, and snow drifts and icicles become a more distant memory, the lure of the outdoors beckons. We’ve already opened our windows and enjoyed breathing fresh air again. We have banished our Winter woollies to the closets and unearthed our T-shirts and shorts. The kids already venture out onto the swing set on a daily basis. It may not yet be time to splish and splash in the swimming pool (unless you are lucky to enjoy the warmth of Florida), but it feels that it is about time to spend some of those lengthening evenings out...

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What Choices Do You Have For Your Swing Sets for Kids Outdoors

Spring is in the air. Your kids have survived being cooped up during Winter and are itching to get outside. So, you have an idea. Wouldn’t it be great to buy a swing set for your children? You have a look around and are surprised by just how many options there are. What are some of the things you should be focusing on when looking at swing sets for kids outdoors? As with most purchases, your budget will have a large impact on your decision making. Backyard Discovery swing sets range in price from $499 to over $6,000, and obviously, the...

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