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When Lowe’s came to us with Kendall’s story, we knew we had to do our part to help make Kendall’s summer special. Kendall was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma right before her third birthday. She has been through six rounds of chemo, a tumor resection surgery, two stem cell transplants and now radiation, which will be followed by immunotherapy.

With the help of Lowe’s Heroes, we spent Wednesday afternoon in Northeast, Ohio tearing down Kendall’s old swing set and assembling a new Backyard Discovery Liberty II Swing Set. Kendall kept a watchful eye over her swing set throughout the day and checked in with us in between breaks from the sun. By the end of the day she was thrilled to see the new addition to her backyard! As soon as the last screw was tightened, Kendall wasted no time checking out the swings.

Backyard Discovery

Krista, Kendall’s mom, says that despite the amount of hardship Kendall has faced, she has fought bravely and with so much joy.

“Our family motto through this journey has been to follow Kendall’s example and ‘Choose Joy!’” she says, “We laugh and dance through it all, and most importantly look for the joy in each day.”

Kendall’s family is hopeful and looking forward to the day that Kendall is cancer free!

We would like to thank Lowe’s Heroes for opening their hearts and their toolboxes for not only asking us to be a part of this, but for also helping assemble Kendall’s new swing set.


Photo Credit: David Sands

Thank you, Lowes!


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